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Wednesday 16th October 2019

15:30 Wednesday 16th

Room F Sponsored Opening Symposium 15:30–17:00

    17:15 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Ceremony 17:15–18:00
    Opening Ceremony

    • The Congress Chairmen:
      Christian Egarter, Johannes Huber, Peter-Wolf Husslein, Heinz Koelbl, Christian Singer
      Greetings from : Peter-Wolf Husslein, Heinz Koelbl
    • The ESG Executive Board:
      Andrea Genazzani, Andrzej Milewicz, Michelle Nisolle, Tommaso Simoncini
    • The Scientific Societies :
      Gunda Pristauz-Telsnigg (Austrian Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (OEGGG)
    • David Serfaty Lecture in honor of Prof. Almeida Santos Agostinho
    • Michelle Nisolle Lecture in honor of Prof. Kochman Ronit

    18:00 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Lecture 18:00–18:30
    Menopause (OL01) Menopause: life style care and HRT for quality of life and health protection

    • Andrea Genazzani Menopause: life style care and HRT for quality of life and health protection
      (Introduced by Prof. Huber Johannes)

    18:30 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Lecture 18:30–19:00
    Sexuality (OL02) Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: addressing an unmet medical need

    • Sheryl Kingsberg Bremelanotide (BMT) for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD): Efficacy Analyses from the RECONNECT Studies (Introduced by C. Egarter)

    19:00 Wednesday 16th

    Poster Area Poster Session 19:00–21:00
    Poster Session

    • Filipa Coutinho 1. Metastatic breast cancer – approaches in women before 35 years of age
    • Xiangyan Ruan 2. Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component-1 (PGRMC1) as potential marker to predict further prognosis of breast cancer patients: First study with blood measurements
    • Alexandra Santos 3. How can we know which HER2+ breast cancer patients will develop trastuzumab-induced cardiotoxicity?
    • Stephane Zervoudis 4. Birth weight linked to possible future breast cancer: A case-control bicentric study
    • Sylvie Allouche 5. Determinants of the first renewal of Belara®/ Belaracontinu® prescription, oestroprogestative contraceptive pill (COP) The French non-interventional SCARLET study
    • Paula Briggs 6. Phase 4, Open-Label, 1-Year Pragmatic Study of Self-Injection With Subcutaneous Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate in the Uniject System (DMPA-SC-Uniject) in Adult Women
    • Marie Mawet 7. Estetrol 15 mg combined with drospirenone 3 mg is an effective oral contraceptive: results from the E4Freedom EU/RU phase 3 trial
    • Marie Mawet 8. Excellent cycle control of an estetrol 15 mg and drospirenone 3 mg combined oral contraceptive in the E4Freedom EU/RU phase 3 trial
    • Ljiljana Mladenović Segedi 9. Contraceptive use, knowledge, attitudes and sexual behavior among the female students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
    • Elena Nazarenko 10. Сontraception and folate
    • Jaziel Ramos-Ortiz 11. Improving Community Access to Emergency Contraception and Condoms in Italy through Consumer Insights
    • Pedro Antonio Regidor 12. Clinical development of a new generation etonogestrel/ethinylestradiol vaginal ring: Comparative bioavailability and tolerability
    • Manuela Sailer 13. Quality of life in women using the vaginal contraceptive ring Ornibel®: Data of an observational study.
    • Liudmila Stavinskaia 14. The role of oral contraception in cervical cancer
    • Panagiotis Tsikouras 15. Comparison of two oral contraceptive pills, containing 20ìg of ethynylestradiol with dosperinone and only destogestrel respectively, for their safety and effectiveness.
    • Ivka Djakovic 16. Episiotomy scar endometriosis in a 36-year old woman after vaginal delivery
    • Valeria Ghisu 17. Reproductive outcome after laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis
    • Diah Hydrawati Sari Hasibuan 18. The effect of Endometriosis on oocyte quality in intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) patients
    • Gulzhakhan Omarova 19. Endometriosis as a multidisciplinary pathology: a case report
    • Francesca Dessolis 21. Evaluation of gynecology residents learning curve in office hysteroscopy
    • Catarina Palma dos Reis 22. Levonorgestrel intra-uterine system for abnormal uterine bleeding: predictors of clinical response
    • Margherita Russo 23. Treatment of an embryonated ovarian pregnancy in single port access laparoscopy: a case report
    • Jan Greguš 24. Human Overpopulation as the Greatest Challenge for Gynecology in the 21st Century
    • Bibiana Bajtekova 25. Prognosis of uterine volume change depending on women’s age. Pilot study.
    • Bibiana Bajtekova 26. Prognosis of uterine volume change depending on women’s age. Pilot study.
    • Morena Maria Monteleone 27. Is the intracesarean myomectomy a safe procedure? A Case Report
    • Silvia Morales Muñoz 28. Spontaneous parasitic myoma: clinical case
    • Elisabeth Tanuwidjaja 29. Leiomyoma at an unusual location: a case report
    • Mahnaz Zarshenas 30. Lifestyle among Iranian women who suffer from uterine fibroid
    • Balkiss Abdelmoula 31. Hyperoxaluria And Infertility
    • Yulia Absatarova 32. Analysis of genomic and post-genomic factors influenced on the ovarian reserve in women of reproductive age with type 1 diabetes
    • Xanthoula Anthoulaki 33. The contribution of the family planning centre of democritus of university of thrace to the preventive gynaecological check – up of women.
    • Matheus Herthel 34. Lipschutz ulcer: a case report
    • SOONAE LEE 35. The prevalence and antibiotic sensitivity /resistance of GBS in Korean women
    • Yana Mas 36. Assessment of the in vitro antimicrobial activity of different local treatments against infectious vaginitis by determination of MID/MBD or MFD.
    • Yana Mas 37. Assessment of the positive interaction of Polymyxin B and Neomycin by MIC/MBC determination and FIC/FBC Index (checkerboard method).
    • Gulya Alimbayeva 38. Difficulties in diagnosing endometiosis in adolescents
    • Elena Andreeva 39. Psychological features of patients with different phenotypes of polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Guldjahan Babadjanova 40. The efficiency of infertility treatment in women with polycystic ovary syndrome by laparoscopic correction
    • Borka Ceranic 41. The role of ears and hearing in reproduction: facts and fiction
    • Dorelia Deuteraiou 42. Pregnancy in adolescence our expirience
    • Dildora Eshonkhodjaeva 43. Hormonal therapy of endometrioid cysts in women of early reproductive age
    • Marlene Hager 44. Changes in serum markers of patients with PCOS during consecutive clomiphene stimulation cycles: a retrospective study
    • Alvaro Monterrosa-Castro 45. Resilience in pregnant adolescents, evaluation with the walgnild and young scale
    • Alina Naydukova 46. Molecular genetic and hormonal markers of metformin effectiveness in PCOS.
    • Alina Naydukova 47. Molecular genetic markers of PCOS in Russian population.
    • Liudmila Stavinskaia 48. Experience of hormone therapy in the treatment of menstrual dysfunction associated with chronic viral liver disease
    • Sang Ho Yoon 49. The serum luteinizing hormone/follicle-stimulating hormone ratio is correlated with age and the anti-müllerian hormone levels in infertile women with regular menstrual cycles
    • Liliana Barros 50. Suspicious adnexal mass in pregnancy – a case report
    • Kiara Braga 51. Malignant ovarian struma: case presentation and literature review
    • LEI CHANG 52. Efficacy and safety of apatinib monotherapy in patients with relapsed, recurrent and/or metastatic cervical cancer: an observational study
    • Gamze Fiskin 53. Expectations of Oncology Patients From Healthcare Staff and Role of the Nurses
    • Dr Neelam Jain 54. A rare case of rhabdomyosarcoma of cervix : fertility preservation option in young fertile girl
    • Madina Kairbayeva 55. Survey of human papilloma virus and vaccines awareness after the first pilot vaccination program in Kazakhstan: focus on the information campaign
    • Seon Mi Lee 56. Gastrointestinal stromal tumor pretending gynecological mass
    • Michele Montanaro-Gauci 57. Out-patient endometrial sampling in the investigation of post-menopausal bleeding ; how useful is it?
    • Yong Jin Na 58. Preventative and therapeutic effects of low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma in a mouse model of paclitaxel-induced neuropathy
    • Yong Jin Na 59. The role of microrna-424/503-wee1 axis in ovarian cancer stem like cells
    • Matheus Souza Belo 60. Squamous carcinoma invasor with “in situ” pattern, a challenging diagnosis – case report
    • Liliana Barros 61. Female genital tuberculosis: the great deceiver
    • Vera Costa 62. Culdotomy as a surgical approach for tubal ectopic pregnancy treatment: 10 years of experience
    • Filipa Coutinho 63. Is uterine weight a clinical factor of worst prognosis on laparoscopic hysterectomy? – a comparative study
    • Jae yoon Jo 64. Acquired cystic lymphangioma rising from pelvic cavity : a case report
    • Sujatha Kalburgi 65. Inconclusive Laparoscopy in a woman with Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy and dilemmas
    • Tetsuya Katsuki 66. Phosphoglyceride crystal deposition disease suspected to be a metastatic ovarian tumor: a case report
    • Claudia Mininni 67. A Case of Acute Abdomen in a patient with Haemorrhagic Corpus Luteum
    • Yong Jin Na 68. Laparoscopically assisted suprapubic surgery for adnexal tumors under epidural anesthesia
    • Toan Nguyen 69. Pregnancy after hysterectomy: a case report from Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and literature review
    • Toan Nguyen 70. Retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancy: A case report from Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
    • Ha Nguyen 71. Hysteroscopic repair of cesarean scar defect in women with abnormal uterine bleeding: a prospective study
    • Huyen Thuong Phan 72. Evaluate the result of TOT approach to treat stress incontinence in woman in woman at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
    • Roksana Janghorban 73. The awareness and performance of female beauty salon staff about human papilloma virus and its transmission in pubic hair removal using wax in Shiraz, South-West of Iran
    • Rita Mamede 74. Radical trachelectomy: when conservative treatment results in the ideal outcome
    • Rita Mamede 75. HPV and liver transplantation: pretransplant and posttransplant management
    • Ljiljana Mladenović Segedi 76. Psychosocial impact of human papillomavirus-related lesions on quality of life of women
    • Pedro Pontes 77. Incidence of human papillomavirus and other sexually transmitted agents in Brazilian women with cervical atypia from Public Health Care Service of Pernambuco, Brazil.
    • Natalia Del Valle Sanchez Baudo 78. Is age an important factor in HPV strain prevalence among women with cervical lesions?
    • Zohreh Farahmand 79. The survey of IL-8 +781 C/T and -251 A/T polymorphisms and angiogenesis in patients with cervical cancer in comparison with normal population.
    • José Viana 80. HPV infection evolution
    • Jose Viana 81. The importance of HPV test
    • Guldjahan Babadjanova 82. Indicators Of Proinflammatory Cytokines In Pregnant Women With Varicose Veins
    • Dildora Eshonkhodjaeva 83. Influence of pathology of the hepatobiliary system of pregnant woman on the course of gestation and childbirth
    • Tomas Fait 84. Mother’s age at childbirth as a risk factor of newborn´s health
    • Tetiana Loskutova 85. Gene polymorphism of coagulation and endothelial dysfunction factors in early and late preeclampsia
    • Tetiana Loskutova 86. Prognosis of recurrent pregnancy loss associated with heredity thrombophilia
    • Marina Nunes Machado 87. Conservative Management of Placental Percretism
    • Elena Piskunova 88. Office hysteroscopy in partial uterine scar incompetence after Сesarean section for pregnancy planning
    • Xiaohe Sun 89. Activation of Cullin1-Neddylation is needed for trophoblast cell proliferation and differentiation
    • Madina Tsidaeva 90. assessment of gynecological and psychological status of patients after the termination of pregnancy in 1 trimester
    • Ting Zhang 91. Differential expression of long noncoding RNAs in Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy:Identification of potential novel biomarkers
    • Natalia Aganezova 92. Endometrial e-cadherin expression in women with reproductive dysfunctions
    • Natalia Aganezova 93. Endometrial leukemia inhibitory factor expression in women with reproductive dysfunctions
    • Andrea DeMaria 94. “Going somewhere makes sense, but somehow it seems more shameful:” Italian women’s attitudes and perceptions of reproductive tourism
    • Fatemehsadat Hosseini 95. A non-randomized controlled trial of oral melatonin supplementation on ATPase 6 gene expression and IVF outcomes in Iranian infertile couples
    • Johannes Ott 96. Anti-Mullerian hormone as a parameter for endometrial trauma in Asherman syndrome: a retrospective data analysis
    • Lucia Tossichetti 97. Infertility and Metabolic disorders , treatment in course of ART. Sonografic findings. results and data.
    • Hoe-Saeng Yang 98. The effect of Sildenafil on the fertilization and early embryo development in mice
    • Lucia Costa-Paiva 99. Effects of CO2 laser, promestriene and lubricant on the vaginal ecosystem of postmenopausal women with genitourinary syndrome: a randomized clinical trial
    • Elena Castellanos 100. Endometrial safety of 0.005% estriol vaginal gel in the treatment of vaginal dryness associated with postmenopausal vulvar and vaginal atrophy
    • Ulysse Gaspard 101. E4Relief: a phase 2b study with Estetrol (E4), the next generation hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms
    • Mei Li 102. Effects of estrogen combine calcium therapy on the bone mineral density of perimenopausal and early postmenopausal women: A Meta-analysis
    • Wei Li 103. Resistance training significantly reduces plasma levels of ferritin and atherogenic lipids in postmenopausal women with vasomotor symptoms: a randomised controlled trial
    • Alvaro Monterrosa-Castro 104. Urinary incontinence in climacteric afrodescendant women from the colombian caribbean
    • Eliana Nahas 105. Three-dimensional ultrasound evaluation of the pelvic floor in postmenopausal women hormone therapy users
    • Carlos Politano 106. Laser use in Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
    • Xiangyan Ruan 107. First POI data base in China in cooperation with the UK-International data base: Etiology and risk factors of POI
    • Hoe-Saeng Yang 108. The Effects of Five-year Hormone Therapy, Alendronate, Tibolone, and Raloxifene on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women(Third Study)
    • Kadija Chrisostomo 109. Vitamin D Serum Levels in Pregnant Women in Southern Brazil during Summer and Winter
    • Kathelyn Cordeiro 110. Case report: acute pancreatitis as a cause of gestational death
    • Kathelyn Cordeiro 111. Case report of monochorional gemelar pregnancy
    • Oksana Drozd 112. TRPC4 channel as molecular target for controlling normal and impaired uterine contractility
    • Jana Engelhard 113. Cardiac Time Intervals in Late-Onset Small for Gestational Age Fetuses
    • Manjusha Kotiyattil Ramanunny 114. Ramadan fasting and pregnancy complicated with Diabetes – Review of patient’s attitude, knowledge and impact of education provided by healthcare professionals
    • Manjusha Kotiyattil Ramanunny 115. Maternal and neonatal adverese events following operative vaginal deliveries at a secondary care center in qatar- a retrospective analysis
    • Morena Maria Monteleone 116. Corpus callosum agenesis: prenatal diagnosis and neurodevelopment outcome
    • Alicja Piegzová 117. AFLP: a rare cause of acute fetal hypoxia in the 35th week of pregnancy
    • Svitlana Posokhova 118. Maternal and perinatal outcomes in women with obesity
    • Cristiano Rodrigues 119. Corioangioma as a differential diagnosis of fetal death – case report
    • Diana Shahini Gjyrdedi 120. Labor medicalisation in Maternity of Durres (ALBANIA)
    • Hrvojka Soljačić Vraneš 121. Male to female birth ratios over a 25-year period
    • Natalia Spiridonova 122. Features of production of interleukin 17 in full-term pregnancy.
    • Elisabeth Tanuwidjaja 123. Successful conservative management of placenta increta: A case report
    • Santa Udre 124. Congenital cytomegalovirus infection – prenatal and postnatal diagnostics, clinical outcomes and treatment possibilities in latvia
    • Yohanna Vilela 125. Strenuous labor culminating with rhabdomyolysis-case report
    • Yohanna Vilela 126. Unfavorable obstetric outcome due to severe complications of sickle cell anemia – case report
    • Sameena Wazir 127. Involevement of Senior Obstetrician in Neonatal morbidity cases
    • Tiffany Tuck Chin Wong 128. Serial transvaginal cervical assessment in women with symptoms of preterm labour pain
    • Viktoriia Bobrytska 129. Safe treatment of stress urinary incontinence
    • Annalisa Bonelli 130. Phase III study to evaluate the efficacy of a novel antimycotic vaginal pessary combination (containing Benzydamine HCl 6 mg and Econazole nitrate 150 mg) in the Treatment of uncomplicated vulvovaginal candidosis (VVC) [BEtreat study]
    • Xinliang Chen 130b. Klotho regulates MMP-1/3 in patients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Larissa Greive 131. Chronic pelvic pain – a long journey following “minimal invasive” treatment of stress urinary in-continence
    • Silvia Morales Muñoz 132. Pudendal neuropathy: case clinic
    • Alice Reid 133. Clinical Audit: Complications and success rates arising from TVT and TVTO insertions in Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust May 2016 – May 2018
    • Menglu Qin 132b. ERK1/2 regulates the expression of MMP1/3 in patients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Marco Rinoldi 134. Vulvar lichen sclerosus in adolescense: a case report
    • Shashank Shekhar 135. Medium Term Anatomical and Functional Results of Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy during the Learning Curve
    • Nesrin Yağcı 136. Investigation of the Effects of Connective Tissue Manipulation on Pain and Emotional Status in Primary Dysmenorrhea: Long term follow up
    • Nesrin Yağcı 137. The Effects of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Women with Pelvic Pain: Preliminary Report
    • Elizabeth Castelo Branco 138. Therapeutical Options in Oncology Patients with UGMS & OncoSexuality
    • Roksana Janghorban 139. Predictors of Sexual Dysfunction in HIV-infected Men
    • Robert Jordan 140. Bremelanotide Provides Meaningful Treatment Benefits for Premenopausal Women With Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
    • Ioannis Komiotis 141. Sexual quality of life after vaginal rejuvenation procedure
    • Eliana Nahas 142. Association between Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength and Sexual Function in Postmenopausal Women
    • Santiago Palacios 143. Users perception of a newly marketed food supplement (libicare®) for the improvement of female sexual function.
    • Jaziel Ramos-Ortiz 144. La Bella Figura: The role of a cultural philosophy on Italian consumerism
    • Marie Raszyková 145. Comparison of sexual life quality perception in women after spontaneous delivery and delivery by vacuum-extraction.
    • Ludmila Semeniuk 146. Semeniuk Ludmila (UA)-Study of the level of nitric oxide in vaginal excretions of patients of different reproductive age with sexual dysfunction
    • Hrvojka Soljačić Vraneš 147. Three Percent of Men Are Infidel to Their Pregnant Partners?

    Thursday 17th October 2019

    08:30 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
    Oncology (MTE02) Gynecological oncology: the ovarian cancer

    Chairperson/s: Liselotte Mettler

    • Pier Luigi Benedetti Panici Ultra-radical surgery in ovarian cancer: lights and shadows
    • Alexander Reinthaller Update of surgical treatment in recurrent ovarian cancer

    Room E1 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
    Urogynecology + Surgery (MTE03) Urogynecology- the future of prolapse surgery: is mini-invasive surgery a game changer?

    Chairperson/s: Heinz Koelbl

    • Tommaso Simoncini Medium-term outcomes after robotic–assisted sacropexy for advanced multi-compartment prolapse
    • Heinz Koelbl Are there laparoscopic alternatives to sacrocolpopexy to treat advanced pelvic organ prolapse ?

    Room F1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Sexuality Cosmetic Gynecology: new vistas in gynecological practice Organized by The Society of Cosmetic Gynecology (TSCG) and The Urogynecology & Pelvic Health Association of India (UPHAI)

    Chairperson/s: Navneet Magon , Ludomir Mikulasek

    • Navneet Magon Cosmetic Gynecology: why it took three decades before it became a structured sub-speciality of gynecology ?
    • Rashmi Chahar Khandelwal Energy based devices in Cosmetic Gynecology – current scenario
    • Kanika Singh Labiaplasty – current scenario
    • Lubomir Mikulasek Fillers in reconstructive & cosmetic gynecology

    Room Graz Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology Clinical problems in the field of Gynecological Endocrinology (organized by PSGE – Polish Society of Gynecological Endocrinology)

    Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz , Blazej Meczekalski

    • Justyna Teliga-Czajkowska Planning procreation in patients with connective tissue diseases
    • Agnieszka Podfigurna Ovarian tumors causing hyperandrogenism
    • Krzysztof Czajkowski Pregnant women with diabetes in Poland
    • Blazej Meczekalski Should we take care about bones in women with premature ovarian insufficiency ?

    Room Linz Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Contraception Male contraception: moving forward (Organized by the International Consortium for Male Contraception) ICMC

    Chairperson/s: David Serfaty , Ronald Swerdloff

    • Christian Fiala Interest of the availability of male contraception for couples
    • Eberhard Nieschlag Male hormonal contraception: time for game changes
    • Christina Wang Nestorone-Testosterone Gel for Male Contraception

    09:45 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Oncology (SYMP18) Management of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

    Chairperson/s: Judith Balmana , Christian Singer

    • Judith Balmana Genetic background and prevalence of BRCA1 and 2 mutations
    • Christian Singer Prophylactic surgery and early cancer detection in mutation carriers
    • Kerstin Rhiem Synthetic lethality and PARP Inhibitors in breast and ovarian cancer
    • NICOLETTA BIGLIA Tailored surgery for breast cancer in BRCA carriers

    Room E1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Pregnancy (symp24) Preventive strategies for pregnancy maintenance & safety

    Chairperson/s: Christian Egarter , Ewald Boschitsch

    • Martin Mueller Patient blood management in obstetrics
    • Paul Piette TM & RM: new insights in the management of TM & RM
    • Pedro Barri Luteal phase support in FET cycles: an update

    Room F1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP14) Endocrine disruptors & Women Health

    Chairperson/s: Alessandro Genazzani , Johannes Huber

    • Charles Sultan The fetus , a target for endocrine disruptors
    • Andrzej Milewicz Bisphenol A and PCOS
    • Phillipe Bouchard Endocrine disruptors and cancer

    Room Graz Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Sexuality (SYMP09) Transgender

    Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer , Ulysse Gaspard

    • Stefan Riedl Management of transgender adolescents
    • Bernhard Liedl Feminizing and masculinizing genital surgery in gender dysphoria MtF and FtM: actual concepts
    • Michael Van Trotsenburg Gender incongruence and fertility options

    Room Linz Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology The effects of stress and endocrine disrupting compounds in gynecological disorders (organized by Sociedad Argentina de Endocrinología Ginecológica y Reproductiva (SAEGRE)

    Chairperson/s: Manuel Noelting

    • Sandra Demayo Mood disorders in PCOS: “An overlooked issue”
    • Adriana Monastero Breast cancer and stress what comes first… “The egg or the chicken”
    • Karina Tozzi Endocrine disrupting chemicals and reproductive disorders “The enemy is among us”

    Room Salzburg Oral Presentation 09:45–11:15
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (OP1) Contraception and Intrauterine Device

    Chairperson/s: David Serfaty , Jean Michel Foidart

    • Mitchell Creinin Five-Year Efficacy and Safety of the Levosert® Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System
    • Jarbas Magalhaes Use of IUS-LNG in women after 35 years, for treatment irregular bleeding HMB, adenomyosis and fibroids
    • Tanja Boehnke Utilization of Intrauterine Device in Europe – Prescription Patterns in Routine Medical Practice
    • Norman Goldstuck Intrauterine device versus oral hormonal methods as emergency contraceptives: a systematic review of recent comparative studies.
    • Friedrich Gill Real-world experience with the IUB Ballerine MIDI cooper IUD
    • Shashi Prabha Singh Effectiveness of Levonorgestrel Intrauterine device(LNG-IUS)in Perimenopausal women suffering with menorrhagia in providing contraception and Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the absence of non malignant organic pathologies .

    11:15 Thursday 17th

    Break in the Commercial Exhibition

    11:45 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Sponsored Symposium 11:45–13:15

      Room E1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Pregnancy (SYMP08) Preeclampsia screening and management

      Chairperson/s: Dan Farine , Martin Langer

      • Pavel Calda Preeclampsia screening and management two years after the ASPRE study
      • Harald Zeisler sFlt-1/PlGF-ratio: a milestone in the management of preeclampsia
      • Enrico Ferrazzi Maternal hemodinamcs in hipertensive disordes of pregnancy

      Room F1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Urogynecology + Surgery (SYMP21) Advances in laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery

      Chairperson/s: Michelle Nisolle , Tommaso Simoncini

      • Stefano Angioni What are the real indications of single port laparoscopy today?
      • Horace Roman Endometriosis surgery and preservation of fertility, what surgeons should know
      • Angelos Daniilidis The role of tubal surgery in the era of ART
      • Liselotte Mettler Clinical anatomy of hysterectomies

      Room Graz Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Oncology (SYMP01) Fertility preservation in cancer patients

      Chairperson/s: Pedro Barri , Joseph Schenker

      • Claus Y. Andersen Outlook for ovarian tissue freezing in a gynaecological context
      • Teresa Almeida Santos Bridging the gap between oncologists and reproductive endocrinologists
      • Marie-Madeleine Dolmans From ovarian tissue reimplantation to the artificial ovary
      • Chiara Benedetto Mothers Beyond Cancer: a Model to be shared

      Room Linz Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
      Menopause (OP2) Menopause

      Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat , Blazej Meczekalski

      • Sergey Dzugan Osteoporosis: low energy fractures – dangers of drugs
      • Mark Brincat Changes in Intervertebral Discs with the Menopause and HRT
      • Liang-Shung Yeh Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of a natural, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid based vaginal moisturizer in postmenopausal women with genitourinary syndrome
      • Michele Montanaro-Gauci Algorithm for investigation of post-menopausal bleeding
      • Margarida Da Silva Cunha Postmenopausal endometrial thickening: the performance of hysteroscopy
      • Hayat Alharthy Menopause and HRT..UP DATE

      Room Salzburg Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
      Endometriosis (OP3) Endometriosis

      Chairperson/s: Nicoletta Biglia , Pierluigi Benedetti Panici

      • Anna Stepniewska Focus on adenomyosis: prevalence of ultrasonographic features of uterine adenomyosis in patients with endometriosis and correlation to clinical aspects.
      • Sabine Moehner Utilization pattern of hormonal endometriosis treatments in Europe – Final Results from the VIPOS Study
      • Seungho Lee Correlation of preoperative biomarkers with severity of adhesion in endometriosis
      • Ha Nguyen Could pre-surgical anti-mullerian hormone level predict diminished ovarian reserve after laparoscopic cystectomy of ovarian endometriomas?
      • Oliver Pohl Is hormonal add-back necessary? A model-based analysis to guide gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) receptor antagonist use for management of endometriosis and uterine fibroids
      • Shaofen Zhang Long-term comprehensive management of large diffuse adenomyosis by conservative surgery combined With GnRHa And LNG-IUS
      • Liudmila Hutsikava Clinical and morphological features of uterine leiomyoma, adenomyosis and their combination
      • Renan Orellana Estetrol effects in endometriotic cells

      13:30 Thursday 17th

      Room F2 Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:30–15:15

        15:15 Thursday 17th

        Break in the Commercial Exhibition

        15:45 Thursday 17th

        Room F2 Symposium 15:45–17:15
        Oncology (Symp23) Breast cancer: new challenges in diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapy

        Chairperson/s: Xiangyan Ruan , Kerstin Rhiem

        • Stephane Zervoudis Ductoscopy and duct sampling in the diagnosis of duct diseases
        • Xiangyan Ruan Membrane bound hormone receptor mediating progestogen dependent breast cancer development
        • Herjan Coelingh Bennink HJT Estetrol for the treatment of advanced breast cancer

        Room E1 Sponsored Symposium 15:45–17:15

          Room F1 Symposium 15:45–17:15
          Pregnancy (SYMP10) Abnormally Invasive Placenta (AIP)

          Chairperson/s: Frederic Chantraine , Enrico Ferrazzi

          • Braun Thorsten Epidemiology and pathophysiology of AIP
          • Frederic Chantraine US and MRI diagnostics
          • Olivier Morel Conservative management in AIP
          • Martin Langer Operative treatment in Abnormally Invasive Placenta

          Room Graz Oral Presentation 15:45–17:15
          Oncology (OP12) HPV Cervical Cancer

          Chairperson/s: David Vasquez-Awad , Franco Borruto

          • Matheus Belo In line with women : A review of age extremes of cervical cancer screnning
          • Viktoriia Bobrytska Prognosis of the development of endometrial dysplastic processes in the presence of human papillomavirus
          • Igor Jeremic Radio Wave Loop excision –New therapeutic approach in treatment of heavy premalignant lesions on cervix with young females
          • Yann Gaslain Human uterine cervix-on-a-chip: establishing the first in vitro model to study the development of cervical carcinoma and human papiloma virus mechanism of action
          • Natalia Sanchez Baudo Value of margen status and inmediately posttreatment HPV testing in detecting residual disease after LEEP for cervical intraepithelial dysplasia
          • Luís Serrano Effect of a coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel in hpv infected women: normalizing hpv-dependent cervical lesions (ascus/lsil) and high-risk hpv clearance

          Room Linz Oral Presentation 15:45–17:15
          Fertility and ART (OP4) Male fertility and other problems

          Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz , Michael Van Trotsenburg

          • Habib Midassi new pathway for the management of infertility
          • Balkiss Abdelmoula Chromosomal infertility and familial genetic counseling
          • Afifa Sellami Predictors of leucocytospermia treatment outcome in male parteners of infertile couple.
          • Emma Garcia Grau Evolution of semen quality among infertile men during the past 20 years in Spain
          • Afifa Sellami Insights into the effects of diabetes Mellitus on biofunctional sperm parameters and human male fertility

          17:30 Thursday 17th

          Room F2 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
          Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (KL05) Estetrol, the first NEST with unique activity profile: new opportunities in Women’s Healthcare

          Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

          • Jean-Michel Foidart ESTETROL , the first NEST with unique activity profile : new opportunities in Women’s healthcare

          Room E1 Sponsored Key Lecture 17:30–18:00

            Room F1 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
            Oncology (KL02) Screening for gynecological malignancies

            Chairperson/s: Jean Gondry

            • Joseph Schenker Screening for gynecological malignancies

            Room Graz Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
            Pregnancy (KL01) The obese pregnancy patient – an overview and management of labour

            Chairperson/s: Pavel Calda

            • Dan Farine The obese pregnancy patient – an overview and management of labour

            Room Linz Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
            Urogynecology + Surgery (KL04) Surgical theraphy of urinary incontinence and prolapse

            Chairperson/s: Tommaso Simoncini

            • Heinz Koelbl Surgical theraphy of urinary incontinence and prolapse

            Friday 18th October 2019

            08:30 Friday 18th

            Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART (MTE06) Why women waits so long and how to face?

            Chairperson/s: Carlos Dosouto

            • Joelle Belaisch Allart Why do they wait ?
            • Antonio Pellicer Is preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) the solution ?

            Room E1 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART (MTE01) Female reproductive organs microbiomas

            Chairperson/s: Wolfgang Holzgreve

            • Gary Ventolini Recent findings in vaginal microbioma and their clinical implications
            • Inmaculada Moreno Upper genital tract microbiome in reproduction, does it matter ?

            Room F1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
            Menopause Androgens: getting the balance right in women (Organized by the International Menopause Society (IMS)

            Chairperson/s: Nick Panay , Rossella Nappi

            • Rossella Nappi Androgen deficiency in female sexual disorders
            • Xiangyan Ruan Androgen excess in PCOS: management options
            • TOMMASO SIMONCINI Cardio-metabolic impact of androgens
            • Nick Panay International consensus on androgen therapy: a summary

            Room Graz Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART Challenges in Fertility Preservation (Organized by the International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR)

            Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Joseph Schenker

            • Pedro Barri Elective fertility preservation
            • George Creatsas Creatsas vaginoplasty. Fertility preservation
            • Liselotte Mettler Critical points in fertility preserving surgery

            Room Linz Oral Presentation 08:30–09:30
            Sexuality (OP6) Sexuality

            Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer , Sven Skouby

            • Ioannis Komiotis Evaluation of sexual satisfaction after total laparoscopic hysterectomy versus total abdominal hysterectomy
            • Oksana Nehrych Sexual dysfunction in women with multiple sclerosis: impact on quality of life
            • Jeremy Paull Results of Two Phase 3, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Studies of the Efficacy and Safety of Astodrimer 1% Gel for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis
            • Andrea Kottmel Vulvar disease and sexual function – do physicians see the connection?
            • Jing Zhang Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) exposure during prenatal period disturb glycolipid metabolism of offspring

            Room Salzburg Oral Presentation 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART (OP7) Menstrual Cycle Disorders and Fertility

            Chairperson/s: Ana Teresa Almeida Santos , Stefano Angioni

            • Nouha Bouayed Abdelmoula De novo proximal Xq duplication and functional Xq disomy in mosaic Turner syndrome: Gonadal dysgenesis without short stature
            • Lali Pkhaladze Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Impact on Offspring
            • Marlene Hager The impact of standardized micronutrient supplementation on PCOS-typical parameters: Results of a prospective, randomized, controlled trial
            • Bibiana Bajtekova Season of birth had an impact on the lifetime incidence of myomas in Slovak women, as well as on the white blood cells count (WBC). Retrospective pilot study.
            • J L Martinez Hurtado Is the daily FSH, LH and PdG relation an accurate predictor of luteal-follicular transition? A machine learning approach for hormonal self-testing
            • Maike Kahr Association of physiological and psychological stress and menstrual cycle disorders

            09:45 Friday 18th

            Room F2 Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Menopause; Pregnancy (SYMP07) Stem cells in reproductive medicine

            Chairperson/s: Michael Feichtinger , Felix Day

            • Wolfgang Holzgreve Fetal stem cells in the maternal system. Clinical use and significance
            • Antonio Pellicer Ovarian rejuvenation: awakening follicles in POI patients
            • Johannes Huber Prevention of ageing ovaries. Menopause reversal as a viable option

            Room E1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Sexuality; Fertility and ART (SYMP06) Sexual and reproductive health care – a forgotten part of obstetrics and gynecology

            Chairperson/s: Sophie Christin-Maitre , Ali Kubba

            • Johannes Bitzer The quality of SRH care across Europe and beyond
            • Gabriele Merki What can European societies contribute
            • Rossella Nappi Treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder: addressing an unmet medical need
            • Stefano Luisi Endometriosis and dyspareunia: interaction between medical and surgical therapies

            Room F1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Menopause (SYMP12) Menopause: individualized therapies for specific goals

            Chairperson/s: John Stevenson , David Vasquez-Awad

            • Nick Panay Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
            • Alfred Mueck Main criteria for the choice of progestogens in HRT
            • Mark Brincat Menopause ERT and connective tissue
            • Martin Birkhaeuser Tibolone – still an option?

            Room Graz Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Contraception Progestogen only pill and it’s therapeutic indications and effects Organized by the European Progestogen Club (EPC)

            Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

            • Christian Egarter Progestongens-only-pill: which progestogen would be ideal
            • Wolfgang Kuepker Progestin-the golden bullet in the treatment of endometriosis
            • Michael Oettel A progestin isn’t a progestin: Dienogest for endometriosis patients
            • Konstantinos Nirgianakis Anti-inflammatory effects of Dienogest
            • Howard Carp Progestogens in Luteal Support
            • Pedro Antonio Regidor Drosperinone-only pill: the new approach in contraception

            Room Linz Oral Presentation 09:45–11:15
            Pregnancy (OP8) Pregnancy: Educational and Epidemiological strategies

            Chairperson/s: Pavel Calda , Irene Cetin

            • Sabooh Alomari Should we screen for and treat thrombophilias in women with adverse pregnancy outcome?
            • Alexandra Epishkina-Minina Gestational diabetes mellitus: early prediction capabilities
            • Ivka Djaković Pregnancy in adolescents
            • Krissada Tomyabatra Antenatal Care Health Education Intervened by Social Networking on Mobile Phone Compared With Usual Care to Improve Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes: Randomized Controlled Trial
            • Mikhail Schneiderman Innovation model of obstetrical pessary – treatment and preventtion of cervical insufficiency and habitual abortion
            • Gamze Fiskin The Relationship Between Dyadic Adjustment and Prenatal Attachment in Pregnant Women

            Room Salzburg Oral Presentation 09:45–11:15
            Urogynecology + Surgery (OP9) Gynecological Surgery

            Chairperson/s: George Creatsas , Michelle Nisolle

            • Ivan Fistonić Outcome prediction model in Erbium YAG laser SMOOTH® treatment of stress urinary incontinence
            • Friedrich Gill HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) ablation for uterine fibroids: an IDEAL prospective exploration study
            • Rosolino Catania An observational study on premenopausal woman undergoing bariatric surgery: Psychosocial evaluation and reliability of a decision making.
            • Ingrid Sääv Introduction of a new topical formulation of lidocaine, SHACT, suitable for minor gynecological procedures
            • Nadia Yarygina Uterine Rudiments: Clinical and Morphological Characterization Aimed to Improve the Treatment Outcomes

            11:15 Friday 18th

            Break in the Commercial Exhibition

            11:45 Friday 18th

            Room F2 Symposium 11:45–13:15
            Fertility and ART (SYMP04) Early reproductive aging: the role of genetic and epigenetic factors

            Chairperson/s: Sven Skouby , Paolo Artini

            • Felix Day The role of GWAS
            • Sven Skouby Translational medicine in reproductive aging
            • Michael Feichtinger Genetic variants in women with premature ovarian failure and poor ovarian response – a step towards preventive medicine ?

            Room E1 Sponsored Symposium 11:45–13:15

              Room F1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
              Menopause (SYMP11) Menopause in the context of healthy female aging

              Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat , Xiangyan Ruan

              • Ewald Boschitsch The role of MHT in fracture prevention
              • John Stevenson Cardiovascular prevention
              • Andrea Genazzani The brain: a menopause vulnerable organ
              • Rossella Nappi Sex and quality of life

              Room Graz Symposium 11:45–13:15
              Oncology (SYMP20) Vaccine for cervical cancer prevention

              Chairperson/s: Gary Ventolini , Franco Borruto

              • Elmar Joura The nonavalent HPV vaccine: a scientific achievement and a protection for future generations
              • Jean Gondry Cervical dysplasia and low and high degree lesions in the vaccine’s era
              • Franco Borruto Shadows and lights of anti HPV vaccination
              • David Vasquez-Awad HPV vaccine and misinformation: Colombian experience

              Room Linz Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
              Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (OP10) Contraception

              Chairperson/s: Christian Egarter , Ali Kubba

              • Genevieve Hall Contraceptive survey across 7 countries in Europe and South and Central America
              • Vera Prilepskaya Fears and risks of hormonal contraception
              • Monica Bertoia A longitudinal cohort study assessing the safety of extended levonorgestrel-containing combined oral contraceptive use
              • Maria Faranna Side effects with the use of contraceptive implant
              • Ulysse Gaspard Contraceptive Efficacy and Bleeding Pattern of a New COC containing Estetrol 15 mg and Drospirenone 3 mg – Phase 3 Trial Results
              • Pedro Antonio Regidor Which factors determine if a contraceptive method will be continued: the case of the vaginal ring Ornibel®
              • Manuela Sailer The contraceptive vaginal ring Ornibel® improves the menstrual cycle profiles in women: data of an observational study.
              • Suzanne Reed Baseline characteristics of NOMAC-E2 users and LNG-COC users in a ‘real world’ study population: Interim results from the PRO-E2 Study

              Room Salzburg Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
              Ethics (OP11) Ethics

              Chairperson/s: Johannes Huber , Joseph Schenker

              • Amir Lass Gender gap in editorial managements and boards of top-ranking Obstetrics and Gynaecology journals
              • Hayat Alharthy Understanding female sexuality
              • Marianne De Souza Projeto barco da saúde” (health boat project): humanized attention to the riveside and indigenous communities of the amazon region
              • Jan Greguš The Catholic Church and Modern Contraception – Starting a Dialogue to Rethink the Church’ Position on Contraception
              • Hayat Alharthy ethics in reproduction
              • Stephanie Meier “I think you might feel isolated:” Infertility knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among Italian women

              13:15 Friday 18th

              Room F2 Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:15–15:15

                15:15 Friday 18th

                Break in the Commercial Exhibition

                15:45 Friday 18th

                Room F2 Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                Fertility and ART (MTE07) Deferred embryo transfer

                Chairperson/s: Joelle Belaisch Allart

                • Carlos Dosouto Freeze all for all
                • Pedro Barri Uterine preparation for delayed embryo transfer

                Room E1 Sponsored Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45

                  Room F1 Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                  Pregnancy (MTE08) Diagnostic tools for pregnancy management

                  Chairperson/s: Peter Husslein

                  • Howard Carp Update on the management of antiphospholipid syndrome in pregnancy
                  • Paolo Mannella Autonomic nervous system evaluation as marker of fetal development in utero

                  Room Graz Sponsored Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45

                    17:00 Friday 18th

                    Room F2 Symposium 17:00–18:30
                    Oncology (SYMP19) Endocrine therapies in breast cancer – an update

                    Chairperson/s: Olivia Pagani , Stephane Zervoudis

                    • Florentia Peintinger Optimal duration of endocrine therapy in breast cancer
                    • Alfred Mueck Membrane-bound Hormone Receptors for prediction of breast cancer risk
                    • Olivia Pagani Endocrine therapy in the premenopausal breast cancer
                    • Christian Jackisch Overcoming resistance in endocrine-responsive advanced breast cancer

                    Room E1 Symposium 17:00–18:30
                    Urogynecology + Surgery; Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP13) Supplements -facts & myths

                    Chairperson/s: Martin Birkhaeuser , Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet

                    • Andrea Genazzani DHEA
                    • Mark Brincat Vitamin D
                    • Alessandro Genazzani Inositol
                    • Christian Egarter Isoflavones

                    Room F1 Symposium 17:00–18:30
                    Urogynecology + Surgery; Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology; Pregnancy (SYMP22) Adolescent gynecology

                    Chairperson/s: Gabriele Merki , Sven Skouby

                    • Charles Sultan Endocrine and gynecological consequences of adolescent obesity
                    • Michelle Nisolle Laparoscopic surgery for adolescent müllerian anomalies
                    • George Creatsas How to reduce repeat abortions and repeat births in adolescents and young women
                    • Sophie CHRISTIN-MAITRE What is known about pregnancies and Turner syndrome ?

                    Room Graz Oral Presentation 17:00–18:30
                    Fertility and ART (OP13) Fertility and Assisted Reproduction

                    Chairperson/s: Joelle Belaisch Allart , Kazem Nouri

                    • Fatemehsadat Hosseini In vitro culture of human immature oocytes: Can ATPase6 and BMP15 genes be considered as cytoplasmic maturation factors to evaluate the efficacy of in vitro culture?
                    • Johannes Ott An important additional information during hysteroscopy: Assessment of tubal patency using the “flow” effect
                    • Yulia Absatarova The relationship of ovarian reserve and autoimmune thyroid disease in women of reproductive age
                    • Taylan Turan Serum Fetuin-A, lL1β Levels and Paraoxonase/Arylesterase Activities in Unexplained Infertility
                    • Shruti Gupta The role of Hyaluronic acid enriched media in recurrent implantation failure for blastocyst – transfers.

                    Room Linz Oral Presentation 17:00–18:30
                    Menopause (OP14) Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and laser

                    Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Tommaso Simoncini

                    • Shaikh Zinnat Ara Nasreen Unspoken sorrows of genito urionary syndrom of menopause (gsm)
                    • Elena Piskunova Expediency of genitourinary pathology correction simultaneously with abdominoplasty in a plastic surgery clinic
                    • Anna Mikchelson Three-component local therapy of genitourinary menopusal syndrome in women with surgical correction of prolapse genital
                    • Zdenko Vizintin Safety of Energy Based Devices for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Stress Urinary Incontinence
                    • Ana Valadares What are the main factors that influence the effectiveness of treatment with vaginal laser Erbium Yag 2940 nm in postmenopausal women with a history of breast cancer?
                    • Elisabete Silva Experimental analysis of different types of surgical meshes for pelvic organ prolapse correction

                    Room Salzburg Oral Presentation 17:00–18:30
                    Pregnancy (OP15) High-risk Pregnancy

                    Chairperson/s: Braun Thorsten , Paolo Mannella

                    • Cristiano Salles Rodrigues Corioangioma as a differential diagnosis of fetal death – case report
                    • Géraldine Brichant Thyroid storm in a fetus. The second time avoided?
                    • Yafang Tang Pregnancy associated sleep disturbances worsen as pregnancy progresses – a prospective study
                    • Abdellatif Elkholy Hydroxychloroquine and RPL
                    • Dat Do Value of Fetal Fibronectin and Interleukin-8 in Vaginal and Cervical Mucus to Predict Premature Birth
                    • Simin Taavoni Effect of Watching Nature Sights with Nature Sounds on Physiologic Labor Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial
                    • Yu Huang Clinical Analysis of Cesarean Scar Pregnancy:Report of 272 cases
                    • Linnea Baudhuin Pregnancy in Marfan Syndrome: Genotype and Phenotype in Relation to Maternal and Fetal Outcomes

                    18:30 Friday 18th

                    Room E1 ESG General Assembly 18:30–19:30
                    ESG General Assembly

                    Saturday 19th October 2019

                    08:30 Saturday 19th

                    Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
                    Fertility and ART (MTE04) Recent developments in ovarian stimulation for IVF

                    Chairperson/s: Ana Teresa Almeida Santos

                    • Basil Tarlatzis Ovarian stimulation for IVF in poor responders: what is the evidence
                    • Paolo G. Artini The oocytes of a poor responder patient: problems and possibilities

                    Room E1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
                    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology Emerging challenges in Gynecological Endocrinology (Organized by the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology ISGE

                    Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani , Blazej Meczekalski

                    • John Stevenson Cardiovascular safety of testosterone replacement
                    • Charles Sultan Fetal origin of pubertal disorders
                    • Martin Birkhaeuser Bioidentical Hormones – contradictory properties

                    Room Graz Sponsored Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30

                      Room Linz Oral Presentation 08:30–09:30
                      Oncology (OP16) Gynecological oncology

                      Chairperson/s: Christian Singer , Alexander Reinthaller

                      • Yawen Zheng MicroRNA-206 suppresses the endometrial cancer cell proliferation and migration through downregulating the HDAC6 expression
                      • Catarina Bexiga Clinical outcomes and management of aggressive uterine sarcomas – 18 years of experience of a Portuguese Cancer Centre
                      • Sabina Pistolesi The relevance of a therapeutic workflow including BRCA1/2 somatic genetic testing for non-mucinous high grade ovarian cancer-affected women.
                      • Yu Deng Evaluation of PET/MRI and PET/CT in pelvic gynecological malignancies: A systematic review and meta-analysis

                      09:40 Saturday 19th

                      Room F2 Symposium 09:40–11:10
                      Fertility and ART (SYMP05) OOCYTE quality in PCO and Endometriosis: is there a problem?

                      Chairperson/s: Stefano Angioni , Inmaculada Moreno

                      • Basil Tarlatzis Polycystic ovary
                      • Paolo G. Artini Is the oocyte quality affected by endometriosis ?
                      • Feichtinger Michael Feichtinger Wilfried, Is there an influence of endometriotic cysts on oocyte quality?

                      Room E1 Symposium 09:40–11:10
                      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP17) Contraception

                      Chairperson/s: George Creatsas , David Serfaty

                      • Gabriele Merki Progestogen only contraception and depression
                      • David Serfaty Current and future vaginal contraceptives
                      • Christian Egarter LARC methods of contraception
                      • Ali Kubba Contraception in the peri-menopause

                      Room Graz Scientific Society Symposium 09:40–11:10
                      Fertility and ART Fertility preservation in cancer patients and survivors Organized by the Société Européenne de Langue Française et Allemande de Gynécologie et Obstétrique(SELFAGO/EGGG)

                      Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

                      • Daniel Necula Fertility preservation in women with early ovarian cancer
                      • Laura Knabben Fertility in BRCA mutated patients
                      • Jean-Marc Ayoubi New challenges for fertility preservation in case of borderline ovarian cancer
                      • Johannes Bitzer Reproductive and sexual health in cancer patients and survivors
                      • Walther Kuhn The oncological patient in obstetrics-therapeutical
                        procedure and perinatal outcome
                      • Christian Singer Pregnancy after cancer: promise and caveat after
                        cryo-conservation and ovarian re-implantation

                      Room Linz Oral Presentation 09:40–11:10
                      Pregnancy (OP19) High-risk in Late pregnancy

                      Chairperson/s: Yves Ville , Howard Carp

                      • Sonali Jain Association of Placental Growth Factor with Severity of Preeclampsia and Feto-Maternal Outcome
                      • Mireia Rojas Torrijos Management of placenta accreta: serie of cases.
                      • Rehab Lotfy Multicenter randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of Amr’s maneuver (cervical traction) on the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage
                      • Sameena Wazir Primary Ceasrean section rate and commonest indications
                      • Paweł Stanirowski Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Dialkylcarbamoyl Chloride Impregnated Dressings for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections in Women Undergoing Cesarean Section.
                      • Md. Alauddin Loss of annexin a7 is associated with recurrent pregnancy loss

                      11:10 Saturday 19th

                      Break in the Commercial Exhibition

                      11:30 Saturday 19th

                      Room F2 Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                      Pregnancy (KL07) Medicalization of pregnancy – Where are we heading?

                      Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

                      • Yves Ville Medicalization of pregnancy – Where are we heading ?

                      Room E1 Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                      Oncology (KL06) Targeted therapies in gynecological oncology

                      Chairperson/s: Ulysse Gaspard

                      • Christian Singer Targeted therapies in gynecological oncology

                      Room Graz Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (KL03) Hormonophobia – a threat to women health

                      Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz

                      • Johannes Bitzer Hormonophobia – a threat to women health

                      Room Linz Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                      (KL09) 30 years of clinical experience with body-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Austria

                      Chairperson/s: Paul Piette

                      • Ewald Boschitsch 30 years of clinical experience with body-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Austria

                      12:10 Saturday 19th

                      Room F2 Symposium 12:10–13:40
                      Endometriosis (SYMP16) Endometriosis

                      Chairperson/s: Stefano Luisi , Angelos Daniilidis

                      • Michelle Nisolle What kind of surgical procedures for pelvic pain ?
                      • Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet What is the place of medical treatment
                      • Leila Adamyan Limits of surgical and alternative therapies according to the age and needs of patients
                      • Stefano Angioni What kind of approach for infertility ?
                      • Julia DiBello Epidemiology of Endometriosis in UK Adolescents (Oral Presentation)

                      Room E1 Symposium 12:10–13:40
                      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP15) Metabolic disorders and Women Health

                      Chairperson/s: Christian Egarter , Basil Tarlatzis

                      • Alessandro Genazzani PCOS from adolescence to climaterium
                      • Andrzej Milewicz Obesity and reproduction
                      • Sven Skouby Menopause and metabolic disorders
                      • Błażej Meczekalski Metabolic profile of patients with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

                      Room Graz Oral Presentation 12:10–13:40
                      Oncology (OP18) Breast

                      Chairperson/s: Christian Jackisch , Stephane Zervoudis

                      • Irina Cepraga Optimal timing for risk reducing saplingo-oophorectomy in BRCA 1and 2 mutation carriers-a literature review
                      • Domagoj Krpina Cumulation of Risk Factors and the Incidence of Breast Cancer
                      • Kátia Serra Brazilian Breast Cancer Early Detection Guideline (Diretrizes para a Detecção Precoce do Câncer de Mama no Brasil): application in Brazilian counties (Santa Barbara D’Oeste and Vinhedo)
                      • Noelia Bravo Alcobendas Changing concepts in the management of elderly women with breast cancer
                      • Katia Serra Potencial impact of the application of ACOSOG Z0011 randomized trial criteria on the omission of axillary lymph node dissection after positive sentinel lymph node

                      13:40 Saturday 19th

                      Room F2 Closing Ceremony 13:40–14:00
                      Closing Ceremony

                      WED: 15:30–20:00
                      THU: 08:30–18:00
                      FRI: 08:30–18:30
                      SAT: 08:30–14:00

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