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Wednesday 16th October 2019

15:30 Wednesday 16th

Room F Sponsored Opening Symposium 15:30–17:00

    17:15 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Ceremony 17:15–18:00
    Opening Ceremony

    • The Congress Chairmen:
      Egarter Christian, Huber Johannes, Husslein Peter-Wolf, Koelbl Heinz, Singer Christian
      Greetings from : Husslein Peter-Wolf, Koelbl Heinz,
    • The ESG Executive Board:
      Genazzani Andrea, Milewicz Andrzej, Nisolle Michelle, Simoncini Tommaso
    • The Scientific Societies and Institutions :
      Pristauz-Telsnigg Gunda (Austrian Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (OEGGG)
    • David Serfaty Lecture in honor of Prof. Almeida Santos Agostinho
    • Michelle Nisolle Lecture in honor of Prof. Kochman Ronit

    18:00 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Lecture 18:00–18:30
    Menopause (OL01) Menopause: life style care and HRT for quality of life and health protection

    • Andrea Genazzani Menopause: life style care and HRT for quality of life and health protection
      (Introduced by Prof. Huber Johannes)

    18:30 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Lecture 18:30–19:00
    (OL02) Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: addressing an unmet medical need

    • Sheryl Kingsberg Bremelanotide (BMT) for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD): Efficacy Analyses from the RECONNECT Studies

    19:00 Wednesday 16th

    Poster Area Poster Session 19:00–21:00
    Poster Session

    • Dorelia Deuteraiou Pregnancy in adolescence our expirience
    • Ajaree Senthong Cambodian gynecological cancer patients who received treatment at bordering province of Thailand, what we know and how to help them?
    • Natalia Aganezova Endometrial leukemia inhibitory factor expression in women with reproductive dysfunctions
    • Sang Ho Yoon The serum luteinizing hormone/follicle-stimulating hormone ratio is correlated with age and the anti-müllerian hormone levels in infertile women with regular menstrual cycles
    • Renan Orellana Estetrol effects in endometriotic cells
    • Khadige Abadian Effect of herbal Capsule of teucrium polium on Menstrual bleeding duration using random effects model
    • Ameer Elsherief Abdelrahman A rare case of Pseudoaneurysm of Uterine Artery Causing of Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage
    • Andrea DeMaria “Going somewhere makes sense, but somehow it seems more shameful:” Italian women’s attitudes and perceptions of reproductive tourism
    • Vladimir Kazantsev Chronic follicular endometritis is a clinico-pathologic form of chronic endometritis with an unfavorable clinical behavior
    • Sofio Bojgua papillary carcinoma
    • Xiangyan Ruan Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component-1 (PGRMC1) as potential marker to predict further prognosis of breast cancer patients: First study with blood measurements
    • Selma Sakhri Metronomic Chemotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer: a case report of 11 Patients
    • Sylvie Allouche Determinants of the first renewal of Belara®/ Belaracontinu® prescription, oestroprogestative contraceptive pill (COP) The French non-interventional SCARLET study
    • Elena Nazarenko Сontraception and folate
    • Jaziel Ramos-Ortiz Improving Community Access to Emergency Contraception and Condoms in Italy through Consumer Insights
    • Pedro Antonio Regidor Clinical development of a new generation etonogestrel/ethinylestradiol vaginal ring: Comparative bioavailability and tolerability
    • Manuela Sailer Quality of life in women using the vaginal contraceptive ring Ornibel®: Data of an observational study.
    • Panagiotis Tsikouras Comparison of two oral contraceptive pills, containing 20ìg of ethynylestradiol with dosperinone and only destogestrel respectively, for their safety and effectiveness.
    • Khadige Abadian A Case Report of Rectus Muscle Endometriosis
    • Gulzhakhan Omarova Endometriosis as a multidisciplinary pathology: a case report
    • Biljana Jocic Pivač The role of laprascopy in the tretament of heterotopic pregnancy after IVF/ ET; a case report
    • Jan Greguš Human Overpopulation as the Greatest Challenge for Gynecology in the 21st Century
    • Cialuj Teza Agbayani Ovarian masses in children and the trend towards ovarian conservation: a case report
    • Bibiana Bajtekova Prognosis of uterine volume change depending on women´s age. Pilot study.
    • Bibiana Bajtekova Prognosis of uterine volume change depending on women’s age. Pilot study.
    • vesna krsic Sucessful fertility outcome after removing 23 fibriods ;a case report of 43 years old patient
    • Morena Maria Monteleone Intracesarean removal of two huge fibroids occupying the whole uterine fundus: A Case Report
    • Silvia Morales Muñoz Spontaneous parasitic myoma: clinical case
    • Elisabeth Tanuwidjaja Leiomyoma at an unusual location: a case report
    • Mahnaz Zarshenas Lifestyle among Iranian women who suffer from uterine fibroid
    • Yulia Absatarova Analysis of genomic and post-genomic factors influenced on the ovarian reserve in women of reproductive age with type 1 diabetes
    • Xanthoula Anthoulaki The contribution of the family planning centre of democritus of university of thrace to the preventive gynaecological check – up of women.
    • Yana Mas Assessment of the in vitro antimicrobial activity of different local treatments against infectious vaginitis by determination of MID/MBD or MFD.
    • Yana Mas Assessment of the positive interaction of Polymyxin B and Neomycin by MIC/MBC determination and FIC/FBC Index (checkerboard method).
    • María de Pedro de Cárdenas Efficacy, safety and tolerability of intravaginal Prasterone for the treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause. A Spanish multicentric study.
    • Borka Ceranic The role of ears and hearing in reproduction: facts and fiction
    • Michael Dayrit Fertility and conception in a patient with virilizing adrenocortical carcinoma: a case report
    • Marlene Hager Changes in serum markers of patients with PCOS during consecutive clomiphene stimulation cycles: a retrospective study
    • Kiara Braga Malignant ovarian struma: case presentation and literature review
    • Chibuike Chigbu Thermo-coagulation versus cryotherapy for treatment of cervical precancers: a prospective analytical study in a low-resource African setting
    • Gamze Fiskin Expectations of Oncology Patients From Healthcare Staff and Role of the Nurses
    • Dr Neelam Jain A rare case of rhabdomyosarcoma of cervix : fertility preservation option in young fertile girl
    • Jatinder Kaur TB or not TB, a case of mistaken identity.
    • Michele Montanaro-Gauci Out-patient endometrial sampling in the investigation of post-menopausal bleeding ; how useful is it?
    • Yong Jin Na Preventative and therapeutic effects of low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma in a mouse model of paclitaxel-induced neuropathy
    • Yong Jin Na The role of microrna-424/503-wee1 axis in ovarian cancer stem like cells
    • Ajaree Senthong A case report : Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma arising from uterine corpus in a postmenopausal woman
    • Carol Joanna Violago Sex-cord stromal tumor in a patient with multiple enchondromatosis (Ollier disease)
    • Chunyan Wang Prognostic factors in Malignant Ovarian Sex Cord stromal Tumors—— a retrospective analysis of 132 cases
    • Dai Yin Mei Effects of long non-coding RNA HOTAIR on proliferation and autophagy of cervical cancer HeLa cells
    • suzan el sharkawy A huge pedunculated polypoidal subserous adenomyoma, case report
    • Sujatha Kalburgi Inconclusive Laparoscopy in a woman with Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy and dilemmas
    • Tetsuya Katsuki Phosphoglyceride crystal deposition disease suspected to be a metastatic ovarian tumor: a case report
    • Yong Jin Na Laparoscopically assisted suprapubic surgery for adnexal tumors under epidural anesthesia
    • Toan Nguyen Pregnancy after hysterectomy: a case report from Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and literature review
    • Toan Nguyen Retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancy: A case report from Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
    • Ha Nguyen Hysteroscopic repair of cesarean scar defect in women with abnormal uterine bleeding: a prospective study
    • Huyen Thuong phan Evaluate the result of TOT approach to treat stress incontinence in woman in woman at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
    • Roksana Janghorban The awareness and performance of female beauty salon staff about human papilloma virus and its transmission in pubic hair removal using wax in Shiraz, South-West of Iran
    • Natalia Del Valle Sanchez Baudo Is age an important factor in HPV strain prevalence among women with cervical lesions?
    • Abdellatif Elkholy Hydroxychloroquine and RPL
    • Dildora Eshonkhodjaeva Influence of pathology of the hepatobiliary system of pregnant woman on the course of gestation and childbirth
    • Tetiana Loskutova Gene polymorphism of coagulation and endothelial dysfunction factors in early and late preeclampsia
    • Tetiana Loskutova Prognosis of recurrent pregnancy loss associated with heredity thrombophilia
    • Elena Piskunova Office hysteroscopy in partial uterine scar incompetence after Сesarean section for pregnancy planning
    • Xiaohe Sun Activation of Cullin1-Neddylation is needed for trophoblast cell proliferation and differentiation
    • Ting Zhang Differential expression of long noncoding RNAs in Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy:Identification of potential novel biomarkers
    • Lijun Zhu Analysis of impending maternal death in recent decade in Shanghai:a retrospective study
    • Natalia Aganezova Endometrial e-cadherin expression in women with reproductive dysfunctions
    • Fatemehsadat Hosseini A non-randomized controlled trial of oral melatonin supplementation on ATPase 6 gene expression and IVF outcomes in Iranian infertile couples
    • Ali Metawie Fresh vs frozen semen in teratospermia in icsi
    • Behnaz Navid Psychiatric disorders and sexual quality of life among fertile and infertile women
    • Johannes Ott Anti-Mullerian hormone as a parameter for endometrial trauma in Asherman syndrome: a retrospective data analysis
    • alessandro Rossi Infertility and Metabolic disorders , treatment in course of ART. Sonografic findings. results and data.
    • Hoe-Saeng Yang The effect of Sildenafil on the fertilization and early embryo development in mice
    • Elena Castellanos Endometrial safety of 0.005% estriol vaginal gel in the treatment of vaginal dryness associated with postmenopausal vulvar and vaginal atrophy
    • Lucia Delmanto Three-dimensional ultrasound evaluation of the pelvic floor in postmenopausal women hormone therapy users
    • Mei Li Effects of estrogen combine calcium therapy on the bone mineral density of perimenopausal and early postmenopausal women: A Meta-analysis
    • Abdenacer Agli Effect of maternal iron deficiency anemia on development and iron status of newborn
    • Kadija Chrisostomo Vitamin D Serum Levels in Pregnant Women in Southern Brazil during Summer and Winter
    • Nasrin Fazel Prevalence of consumption of herbal medicines and cultural practices in postpartum healthcare: A prospective cohort study in Iran
    • Sima Gity Report a case of tangue cancer during pregnancy
    • Manjusha Kotiyattil Ramanunny Ramadan fasting and pregnancy complicated with Diabetes – Review of patient’s attitude, knowledge and impact of education provided by healthcare professionals
    • Atieh Mirfendereski Management of a case of acute pregnancy toxoplasmosis in Iran
    • Atieh Mirfendereski Introducing a case of fetal growth disorder with vasa previa
    • Kristel Danica Panes Knowledge, Attitude and Practices and Acceptability of Obstetricians and Gynecologists on Non – invasive Prenatal Testing With Cell Free Fetal DNA in a Private Tertiary Hospital
    • Cristiano Rodrigues Corioangioma as a differential diagnosis of fetal death – case report
    • Diana Shahini Gjyrdedi Labor medicalisation in Maternity of Durres (ALBANIA)
    • Natalia Spiridonova Features of production of interleukin 17 in full-term pregnancy.
    • Elisabeth Tanuwidjaja Successful conservative management of placenta increta: A case report
    • Yohanna Vilela Strenuous labor culminating with rhabdomyolysis-case report
    • Sameena Wazir Involevement of Senior Obstetrician in Neonatal morbidity cases
    • Tiffany Tuck Chin Wong Serial transvaginal cervical assessment in women with symptoms of preterm labour pain
    • Hoe-Saeng Yang The Effects of Five-year Hormone Therapy, Alendronate, Tibolone, and Raloxifene on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women(Third Study)
    • Xiangyan Ruan First POI data base in China in cooperation with the UK-International data base: Etiology and risk factors of POI
    • Elena Andreeva Psychological features of patients with different phenotypes of polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Guldjahan Babadjanova The efficiency of infertility treatment in women with polycystic ovary syndrome by laparoscopic correction
    • Dildora Eshonkhodjaeva Hormonal therapy of endometrioid cysts in women of early reproductive age
    • Jana Engelhard Cardiac Time Intervals in Late-Onset Small for Gestational Age Fetuses
    • Viktoriia Bobrytska Safe treatment of stress urinary incontinence
    • Annalisa Bonelli Phase III study to evaluate the efficacy of a novel antimycotic vaginal pessary combination (containing Benzydamine HCl 6 mg and Econazole nitrate 150 mg) in the Treatment of uncomplicated vulvovaginal candidosis (VVC) [BEtreat study]
    • Xinliang Chen Klotho regulates MMP-1/3 in patients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Larissa Greive Chronic pelvic pain – a long journey following “minimal invasive” treatment of stress urinary in-continence
    • Silvia Morales Muñoz Pudendal neuropathy: case clinic
    • Menglu Qin ERK1/2 regulates the expression of MMP1/3 in patients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Alice Reid Clinical Audit: Complications and success rates arising from TVT and TVTO insertions in Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust May 2016 – May 2018
    • Nesrin Yağcı Investigation of the Effects of Connective Tissue Manipulation on Pain and Emotional Status in Primary Dysmenorrhea: Long term follow up
    • Nesrin Yağcı The Effects of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Women with Pelvic Pain: Preliminary Report
    • Elizabeth Castelo Branco Therapeutical Options in Oncology Patients with UGMS & OncoSexuality
    • Rhianna Davies Psychosexual Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • Roksana Janghorban Predictors of Sexual Dysfunction in HIV-infected Men
    • Robert Jordan Bremelanotide Provides Meaningful Treatment Benefits for Premenopausal Women With Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
    • Ioannis Komiotis Sexual quality of life after vaginal rejuvenation procedure
    • Eliana Nahas Association between Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength and Sexual Function in Postmenopausal Women
    • Santiago Palacios Users perception of a newly marketed food supplement (libicare®) for the improvement of female sexual function.
    • Jaziel Ramos-Ortiz La Bella Figura: The role of a cultural philosophy on Italian consumerism
    • Marie Raszyková Comparison of sexual life quality perception in women after spontaneous delivery and delivery by vacuum-extraction.
    • Ludmila Semeniuk Semeniuk Ludmila (UA)-Study of the level of nitric oxide in vaginal excretions of patients of different reproductive age with sexual dysfunction
    • Daniel Necula Fertility preservation in women with early ovarian cancer

    Thursday 17th October 2019

    08:30 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
    Oncology (MTE02) Gynecological oncology: the ovarian cancer

    Chairperson/s: Liselotte Mettler

    • Pier Luigi Benedetti Panici Ultra-radical surgery in ovarian cancer: lights and shadows
    • Alexander Reinthaller Update of surgical treatment in recurrent ovarian cancer

    Room E1 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
    Urogynecology + Surgery (MTE03) Urogynecology- the future of prolapse surgery: is mini-invasive surgery a game changer?

    Chairperson/s: Heinz Koelbl

    • Tommaso Simoncini Why is robotic surgery attractive to perform sacrocolpopexy ?
    • Heinz Koelbl Are there laparoscopic alternatives to sacrocolpopexy to treat advanced pelvic organ prolapse ?

    Room F1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Cosmetic Gynecology: new vistas in gynecological practice Organized by The Society of Cosmetic Gynecology (TSCG) and The Urogynecology & Pelvic Health Association of India (UPHAI)

    Chairperson/s: Navneet Magon , Ludomir Mikulasek

    • Navneet Magon Cosmetic Gynecology: why it took three decades before it became a structured sub-speciality of gynecology ?
    • Rashmi Chahar Khandelwal Energy based devices in Cosmetic Gynecology – current scenario
    • Kanika Singh Labiaplasty – current scenario
    • Lubomir Mikulasek Fillers in reconstructive & cosmetic gynecology

    Graz Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Clinical problems in the field of Gynecological Endocrinology (Organized by the Polish Society of Gynecological Endocrinology)

    Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz , Blazej Meczekalski

    • Justyna Teliga-Czajkowska Planning procreation in patients with connective tissue diseases
    • Agnieszka Podfigurna Ovarian tumors causing hyperandrogenism
    • Krzysztof Czajkowski Pregnant women with diabetes in Poland
    • Blazej Meczekalski Should we take care about bones in women with premature ovarian insufficiency ?

    Linz Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Male contraception: moving forward (Organized by the International Consortium for Male Contraception ICMC

    Chairperson/s: David Serfaty , Ronald Swerdloff

    • Christian Fiala Interest of the availability of male contraception for couples
    • Eberhard Nieschlag Hormonal male contraception: an overview
    • Christina Wang Nes-T gel study

    09:45 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Oncology (SYMP18) Management of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

    Chairperson/s: Judith Balmana , Christian Singer

    • Judith Balmana Genetic background and prevalence of BRCA1 and 2 mutations
    • Christian Singer Prophylactic surgery and early cancer detection in mutation carriers
    • Kerstin Rhiem Synthetic lethality and PARP Inhibitors in breast and ovarian cancer
    • Nicoletta Biglia Tailored surgery for breast cancer in BRCA carriers

    Room F1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP14) Endocrine disruptors & Women Health

    Chairperson/s: Alessandro Genazzani , Johannes Huber

    • Charles Sultan The fetus , a target for endocrine disruptors
    • Andrzej Milewicz Bisphenol A and PCOS
    • Phillipe Bouchard Endocrine disruptors and cancer

    Graz Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Sexuality (SYMP09) Transgender

    Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer , Ulysse Gaspard

    • Stefan Riedl Management of transgender adolescents
    • Juergen Schaff Modern concept of genital surgery in transgender treatment MtF and FtM
    • Michael Van Trotsenburg Gender incongruence and fertility options

    Linz Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
    The effects of stress and endocrine disrupting compounds in gynecological disorders (organized by Sociedad Argentina de Endocrinología Ginecológica y Reproductiva (SAEGRE)

    Chairperson/s: Manuel Noelting

    • Sandra Demayo Mood disorders in PCOS: “An overlooked issue”
    • Adriana Monastero Breast cancer and stress what comes first… “The egg or the chicken”
    • Karina Tozzi Endocrine disrupting chemicals and reproductive disorders “The enemy is among us”

    Salzburg Oral Presentation 09:45–11:15
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (OP1) Contraception and Intrauterine Device

    • Jarbas Magalhaes Use of IUS-LNG in women after 35 years, for treatment irregular bleeding HMB, adenomyosis and fibroids
    • Tanja Boehnke Utilization of Intrauterine Device in Europe – Prescription Patterns in Routine Medical Practice
    • Norman Goldstuck Intrauterine device versus oral hormonal methods as emergency contraceptives: a systematic review of recent comparative studies.
    • Friedrich Gill Real-world experience with the IUB Ballerine MIDI cooper IUD
    • Mitchell Creinin Five-Year Efficacy and Safety of the Levosert® Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System
    • Shashi Prabha Singh Effectiveness of Levonorgestrel Intrauterine device(LNG-IUS)in Perimenopausal women suffering with menorrhagia in providing contraception and Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the absence of non malignant organic pathologies .

    11:15 Thursday 17th

    Break in the Commercial Exhibition

    11:45 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Sponsored Symposium 11:45–13:15

      Room E1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Pregnancy (SYMP08) Preeclampsia screening and management

      Chairperson/s: Dan Farine , Martin Langer

      • Stefan Verlohren The use of biomarkers to better predict and diagnose preeclampsia
      • Pavel Calda Preeclampsia screening and management two years after the ASPRE study
      • Harald Zeisler sFlt-1/PlGF-ratio: a milestone in the management of preeclampsia
      • Enrico Ferrazzi Maternal hemodinamcs in hipertensive disordes of pregnancy

      Room F1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Urogynecology + Surgery (SYMP21) Advances in laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery

      Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Michelle Nisolle

      • Stefano Angioni What are the real indications of single port laparoscopy today?
      • Horace Roman Endometriosis surgery and preservation of fertility, what surgeons should know
      • Angelos Daniilidis The role of tubal surgery in the era of ART
      • Liselotte Mettler Clinical anatomy of hysterectomies

      Graz Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Oncology (SYMP01) Fertility preservation in cancer patients

      Chairperson/s: Pedro Barri , Joseph Schenker

      • Claus Y. Andersen Outlook for ovarian tissue freezing in a gynaecological context
      • Ana Teresa Almeida Santos Bridging the gap between oncologists and reproductive endocrinologists
      • Marie-Madeleine Dolmans From ovarian tissue reimplantation to the artificial ovary
      • Chiara Benedetto Mothers beyond cancer: a model to be shared

      Linz Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
      Menopause (OP2) Menopause

      • Sergey Dzugan Osteoporosis: low energy fractures – dangers of drugs
      • Mark Brincat Changes in Intervertebral Discs with the Menopause and HRT
      • Shashi Singh ent therapy in perimenopausal women suffering from menorrhagia with or without non malignant organic pathologies
      • Nooshin Peyman Evaluation of the effect of couple training based on self-efficacy theory on quality of life, self-efficacy and health literacy in menopausal women
      • Liang-Shung Yeh Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of a natural, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid based vaginal moisturizer in postmenopausal women with genitourinary syndrome
      • Štefica Findri Guštek The performance of Bioapigyn herbal vaginal ointment and pessaries compared to, Acidosalus pessaries and vaginal probiotic in the treatment of pH triggered vulvo-vaginal disorders
      • Michele Montanaro-Gauci Algorithm for investigation of post-menopausal bleeding
      • Margarida Da Silva Cunha Postmenopausal endometrial thickening: the performance of hysteroscopy
      • Hayat Alharthy Menopause and HRT..UP DATE
      • Fabiene Vale Efficacy and safety of a non-hormonal intravaginal moisturizer for the treatment of vaginal dryness in postmenopausal women with sexual dysfunction.

      Salzburg Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
      (OP3) Endometriosis

      • Julia DiBello Epidemiology of Endometriosis in UK Adolescents
      • Ha Nguyen The change of ovarian reserve after laparoscopic cystectomy of ovarian endometriomas – a prospective longitudinal study from hanoi obstetrics and gynecology hospital, vietnam
      • Sabine Moehner Utilization pattern of hormonal endometriosis treatments in Europe – Final Results from the VIPOS Study
      • Seungho Lee Correlation of preoperative biomarkers with severity of adhesion in endometriosis
      • Ha Nguyen Could pre-surgical anti-mullerian hormone level predict diminished ovarian reserve after laparoscopic cystectomy of ovarian endometriomas?
      • Oliver Pohl Is hormonal add-back necessary? A model-based analysis to guide gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) receptor antagonist use for management of endometriosis and uterine fibroids
      • shaofen zhang Long-term comprehensive management of large diffuse adenomyosis by conservative surgery combined With GnRHa And LNG-IUS
      • Anna Stepniewska Focus on adenomyosis: prevalence of ultrasonographic features of uterine adenomyosis in patients with endometriosis and correlation to clinical aspects.
      • Liudmila Hutsikava Clinical and morphological features of uterine leiomyoma, adenomyosis and their combination

      13:30 Thursday 17th

      Room F2 Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:30–15:15

        15:15 Thursday 17th

        Break in the Commercial Exhibition

        15:45 Thursday 17th

        Room F2 Meet the Experts 15:45–17:15
        (Symp23) Breast cancer: new challenges in diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapy

        Chairperson/s: Florentia Peintinger , Kerstin Rhiem

        • Stephane Zervoudis Ductoscopy and duct sampling in the diagnosis of duct diseases
        • Xiangyan Ruan Membrane bound hormone receptor mediating progestogen dependent breast cancer development
        • Herjan Coelingh Bennink Estetrol for the treatment of advanced breast cancer

        Room E1 Sponsored Symposium 15:45–17:15

          Room F1 Symposium 15:45–17:15
          Oncology (SYMP20) Vaccine for cervical cancer prevention

          Chairperson/s: Chiara Benedetto , Gary Ventolini

          • Elmar Joura The nonavalent HPV vaccine: a scientific achievement and a protection for future generations
          • Jean Gondry Cervical dysplasia and low and high degree lesions in the vaccine’s era
          • Franco Borruto Shadows and lights of anti HPV vaccination
          • David Vasquez-Awad HPV vaccine and misinformation: Colombian experience

          Graz Symposium 15:45–17:15
          Pregnancy (SYMP10) Abnormally Invasive Placenta (AIP)

          Chairperson/s: Frederic Chantraine , Enrico Ferrazzi

          • Braun Thorsten Epidemiology and pathophysiology of AIP
          • Frederic Chantraine US and MRI diagnostics
          • Olivier Morel Conservative management in AIP
          • Martin Langer Operative treatment in Abnormally Invasive Placenta

          Linz Oral Presentation 15:45–17:15
          (OP4) Male fertility and other problems

          • Habib Midassi new pathway for the management of infertility
          • Nouha Bouayed Abdelmoula Chromosomal infertility and familial genetic counseling
          • Emma Garcia Grau Evolution of semen quality among infertile men during the past 20 years in Spain
          • Afifa Sellami Predictors of leucocytospermia treatment outcome in male parteners of infertile couple.
          • Sara Norouzi Effects of Zinc Sulfate on Subfertility Related to Male Factors: A Prospective Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial
          • Afifa Sellami Insights into the effects of diabetes Mellitus on biofunctional sperm parameters and human male fertility
          • Yulia Absatarova The relationship of ovarian reserve and autoimmune thyroid disease in women of reproductive age
          • Johannes Ott An important additional information during hysteroscopy: Assessment of tubal patency using the “flow” effect

          Salzburg Oral Presentation 15:45–17:15
          Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (OP5) Polycystic Ovary

          • Vera Andreeva The role of Toll-like receptors in pathogenesis of insulin resistance and ovarian dysfunction in girls with obesity
          • Gunay Khalilova Dynamics of hormonal status indicators in adolescent girls suffering from obesity
          • Abbas Majdi Seghinsara The new features of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOs)
          • Marlene Hager The impact of standardized micronutrient supplementation on PCOS-typical parameters: Results of a prospective, randomized, controlled trial
          • Lali Pkhaladze Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Impact on Offspring
          • Elene Asanidze Anti-Müllerian Hormone and US in the Management of Adolescent Girls with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

          17:30 Thursday 17th

          Room F2 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
          Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (KL05) Estetrol, the first NEST with unique activity profile: new opportunities in Women’s Healthcare

          Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

          • Jean Michel Foidart ESTETROL , the first NEST with unique activity profile : new opportunities in Women’s healthcare

          Room E1 Sponsored Key Lecture 17:30–18:00

            Room F1 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
            Oncology (KL02) Screening for gynecological malignancies

            Chairperson/s: Jean Gondry

            • Joseph Schenker Screening for gynecological malignancies

            Graz Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
            Pregnancy (KL01) The obese pregnancy patient – an overview and management of labour

            Chairperson/s: Pavel Calda

            • Dan Farine The obese pregnancy patient – an overview and management of labour

            Linz Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
            Urogynecology + Surgery (KL04) Surgical theraphy of urinary incontinence and prolapse

            Chairperson/s: Tommaso Simoncini

            • Heinz Koelbl Surgical theraphy of urinary incontinence and prolapse

            Friday 18th October 2019

            08:30 Friday 18th

            Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART (MTE06) Why women waits so long and how to face?

            Chairperson/s: Carlos Dosouto

            • Joelle Belaisch Allart Why do they wait ?
            • Antonio Pellicer Is preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) the solution ?

            Room E1 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART (MTE01) Female reproductive organs microbiomas

            Chairperson/s: Wolfgang Holzgreve

            • Gary Ventolini Recent findings in vaginal microbioma and their clinical implications
            • Inmaculada Moreno Upper genital tract microbiome in reproduction, does it matter ?

            Room F1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
            Androgens: getting the balance right in women (Organized by the International Menopause Society (IMS)

            Chairperson/s: Nick Panay , Rossella Nappi

            • Rossella Nappi Androgen deficiency in female sexual disorders
            • Xiangyan Ruan Androgen excess in PCOS: management options
            • Tommaso Simoncini Cardio-metabolic impact of androgens
            • Nick Panay International consensus on androgen therapy: a summary

            Graz Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
            Challenges in Fertility Preservation (Organized by the International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR)

            Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Joseph Schenker

            • Pedro Barri Elective fertility preservation
            • George Creatsas Creatsas vaginoplasty. Fertility preservation
            • Liselotte Mettler Critical points in fertility preserving surgery

            Linz Oral Presentation 08:30–09:30
            Sexuality (OP6) Sexuality

            • Ioannis Komiotis Evaluation of sexual satisfaction after total laparoscopic hysterectomy versus total abdominal hysterectomy
            • Oksana Nehrych Sexual dysfunction in women with multiple sclerosis: impact on quality of life
            • Jeremy Paull Results of Two Phase 3, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Studies of the Efficacy and Safety of Astodrimer 1% Gel for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis
            • Andrea Kottmel Vulvar disease and sexual function – do physicians see the connection?
            • Jing Zhang Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) exposure during prenatal period disturb glycolipid metabolism of offspring

            Salzburg Oral Presentation 08:30–09:30
            Fertility and ART (OP7) Menstrual Cycle Disorders and Fertility

            • Nouha Bouayed Abdelmoula De novo proximal Xq duplication and functional Xq disomy in mosaic Turner syndrome: Gonadal dysgenesis without short stature
            • Bibiana Bajtekova Season of birth had an impact on the lifetime incidence of myomas in Slovak women, as well as on the white blood cells count (WBC). Retrospective pilot study.
            • J L Martinez Hurtado Is the daily FSH, LH and PdG relation an accurate predictor of luteal-follicular transition? A machine learning approach for hormonal self-testing
            • Aybike Şenel Investigating of the effect of pelvic pain on young women’s daily life
            • Brigitte Leeners Association of physiological and psychological stress and menstrual cycle disorders
            • Natalie Farmer Validation and Evaluation of the Electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire – Menstrual, Pain and Hormonal (ePAQ-MPH), a Web-Based Questionnaire for Women

            09:45 Friday 18th

            Room F2 Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Menopause; Pregnancy (SYMP07) Stem cells in reproductive medicine

            Chairperson/s: Michael Feichtinger , Marie-Madeleine Dolmans

            • Wolfgang Holzgreve Fetal stem cells in the maternal system. Clinical use and significance
            • Antonio Pellicer Ovarian rejuvenation: awakening follicles in POI patients
            • Johannes Huber Prevention of ageing ovaries. Menopause reversal as a viable option

            Room E1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Sexuality; Fertility and ART (SYMP06) Sexual and reproductive health care – a forgotten part of obstetrics and gynecology

            Chairperson/s: Sophie Christin-Maitre , Ali Kubba

            • Johannes Bitzer The quality of SRH care across Europe and beyond
            • Gabriele Merki What can European societies contribute
            • Rossella Nappi Treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder: addressing an unmet medical need
            • Stefano Luisi Endometriosis and dyspareunia: interaction between medical and surgical therapies

            Room F1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Menopause (SYMP12) Menopause: individualized therapies for specific goals

            Chairperson/s: John Stevenson , David Vasquez-Awad

            • Nick Panay Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
            • Alfred Mueck Main criteria for the choice of progestogens in HRT
            • Mark Brincat Menopause ERT and connective tissue
            • Martin Birkhaeuser Tibolone – still an option?

            Graz Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
            Progestogen only pill and it’s therapeutic indications and effects Organized by the European Progestogen Club (EPC)

            Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

            • Christian Egarter Progestongens-only-pill: which progestogen would be ideal
            • Wolfgang Kuepker Progestin-the golden bullet in the treatment of endometriosis
            • Michael Oettel A progestin isn’t a progestin: Dienogest for endometriosis patients
            • Konstantinos Nirgianakis Anti-inflammatory effects of Dienogest
            • Howard Carp Progestogens in Luteal Support
            • Pedro-Antonio Regidor Drosperinone-only pill: the new approach in contraception

            Linz Oral Presentation 09:45–11:15
            Pregnancy (OP8) Pregnancy: Educational and Epidemiological strategies

            • sabooh alomari Should we screen for and treat thrombophilias in women with adverse pregnancy outcome?
            • Alexandra Epishkina-Minina Gestational diabetes mellitus: early prediction capabilities
            • Li Du Prevent mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programs and enhancement of maternal healthcare infrastructure to improve early detection of maternal syphilis in Shanghai, China
            • Ivka Djaković Pregnancy in adolescents
            • Krissada Tomyabatra Antenatal Care Health Education Intervened by Social Networking on Mobile Phone Compared With Usual Care to Improve Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes: Randomized Controlled Trial
            • Mikhail Schneiderman Innovation model of obstetrical pessary – treatment and preventtion of cervical insufficiency and habitual abortion
            • Gamze Fiskin The Relationship Between Dyadic Adjustment and Prenatal Attachment in Pregnant Women

            Salzburg Oral Presentation 09:45–11:15
            Urogynecology + Surgery (OP9) Gynecological Surgery

            • Claudia Mininni A Case of Acute Abdomen in a patient with Haemorrhagic Corpus Luteum
            • Rosolino Catania An observational study on premenopausal woman undergoing bariatric surgery: Psychosocial evaluation and reliability of a decision making.
            • Ingrid Sääv Introduction of a new topical formulation of lidocaine, SHACT, suitable for minor gynecological procedures
            • Nadia Yarygina Uterine Rudiments: Clinical and Morphological Characterization Aimed to Improve the Treatment Outcomes
            • Hugo Verhoeven HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) ablation for uterine fibroids: an IDEAL prospective exploration study

            11:15 Friday 18th

            Break in the Commercial Exhibition

            11:45 Friday 18th

            Room F2 Symposium 11:45–13:15
            Fertility and ART (SYMP04) Early reproductive aging: the role of genetic and epigenetic factors

            Chairperson/s: Antonio Pellicer , Paolo Artini

            • Felix Day The role of GWAS
            • Sven Skouby Translational medicine in reproductive aging
            • Michael Feichtinger Genetic variants in women with premature ovarian failure and poor ovarian response – a step towards preventive medicine ?

            Room E1 Sponsored Symposium 11:45–13:15

              Room F1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
              Menopause (SYMP11) Menopause in the context of healthy female aging

              Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat , Xiangyan Ruan

              • Ewald Boschitsch The role of MHT in fracture prevention
              • John Stevenson Cardiovascular prevention
              • Andrea Genazzani The brain: a menopause vulnerable organ
              • Rossella Nappi Sex and quality of life

              Graz Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
              Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (OP10) Contraception

              • Ameer Abdallah Cervical smears cytologic change with contraceptive (hormonal and iucds): an institutional experience
              • Vivek Banerji Contraceptive survey across 7 countries in Europe and South and Central America
              • Vera Prilepskaya Fears and risks of hormonal contraception
              • maria faranna Side effects with the use of contraceptive implant
              • John Seeger A longitudinal cohort study assessing the safety of extended levonorgestrel-containing combined oral contraceptive use
              • Pedro Antonio Regidor Which factors determine if a contraceptive method will be continued: the case of the vaginal ring Ornibel®
              • Manuela Sailer The contraceptive vaginal ring Ornibel® improves the menstrual cycle profiles in women: data of an observational study.
              • Suzanne Reed Baseline characteristics of NOMAC-E2 users and LNG-COC users in a ‘real world’ study population: Interim results from the PRO-E2 Study
              • Cialuj Teza Agbayani A Cross-sectional Study on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on the Contraceptive and Non-contraceptive Use of Hormonal Contraceptives among Filipino Women

              Linz Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
              (OP11) Ethics

              • Amir Lass Gender gap in editorial managements and boards of top-ranking Obstetrics and Gynaecology journals
              • Hayat Alharthy Understanding female sexuality
              • Marianne de Souza Projeto barco da saúde” (health boat project): humanized attention to the riveside and indigenous communities of the amazon region
              • Mahnaz Motamedi Paradoxical attitudes toward premarital dating and sexual encounters in Tehran, Iran: a cross-sectional study
              • Jan Greguš The Catholic Church and Modern Contraception – Starting a Dialogue to Rethink the Church’ Position on Contraception
              • Hayat Alharthy ethics in reproduction
              • Stephanie Meier “I think you might feel isolated:” Infertility knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among Italian women

              Salzburg Oral Presentation 11:45–13:15
              Oncology (OP12) HPV Cervical Cancer

              • Matheus Belo In line with women : A review of age extremes of cervical cancer screnning
              • Rajani Dube Awareness of cervical cancer and Human papilloma Virus (HPV) among female teaching faculties of educational institutes in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), United Arab Emirates (UAE)
              • Viktoriia Bobrytska Prognosis of the development of endometrial dysplastic processes in the presence of human papillomavirus
              • YONG IL JI Comparision of histological outcomes from pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women with report of cervical cytological abnormality
              • Igor Jeremic Radio Wave Loop excision –New therapeutic approach in treatment of heavy premalignant lesions on cervix with young females
              • Yann Gaslain Human uterine cervix-on-a-chip: establishing the first in vitro model to study the development of cervical carcinoma and human papiloma virus mechanism of action
              • Natalia Sanchez Baudo Value of margen status and inmediately posttreatment HPV testing in detecting residual disease after LEEP for cervical intraepithelial dysplasia
              • Luis Serrano Effect of a coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel in hpv infected women: normalizing hpv-dependent cervical lesions (ascus/lsil) and high-risk hpv clearance

              13:15 Friday 18th

              Room F2 Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:15–15:15

                15:15 Friday 18th

                Break in the Commercial Exhibition

                15:45 Friday 18th

                Room F2 Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                Fertility and ART (MTE07) Deferred embryo transfer

                Chairperson/s: Joelle Belaisch Allart

                • Carlos Dosouto Freeze all for all
                • Pedro Barri Uterine preparation for delayed embryo transfer

                Room E1 Sponsored Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45

                  Room F1 Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                  (MTE08) Diagnostic tools for pregnancy management

                  Chairperson/s: Yves Ville

                  • Howard Carp Update on the management of antiphospholipid syndrome in pregnancy
                  • Paolo Mannella Autonomic nervous system evaluation as marker of fetal development in utero

                  17:00 Friday 18th

                  Room F2 Symposium 17:00–18:30
                  Oncology (SYMP19) Endocrine therapies in breast cancer – an update

                  Chairperson/s: Olivia Pagani , Stephane Zervoudis

                  • Florentia Peintinger Optimal duration of endocrine therapy in breast cancer
                  • Alfred Mueck Membrane-bound Hormone Receptors for prediction of breast cancer risk
                  • Olivia Pagani Endocrine therapy in the premenopausal breast cancer
                  • Christian Jackisch Overcoming resistance in endocrine-responsive advanced breast cancer

                  Room E1 Symposium 17:00–18:30
                  Urogynecology + Surgery; Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP13) Supplements -facts & myths

                  Chairperson/s: Martin Birkhaeuser , Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet

                  • Andrea Genazzani DHEA
                  • Mark Brincat Vitamin D
                  • Alessandro Genazzani Inositol
                  • Christian Egarter Isoflavones

                  Room F1 Symposium 17:00–18:30
                  Urogynecology + Surgery; Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology; Pregnancy (SYMP22) Adolescent gynecology

                  Chairperson/s: Gabriele Merki , Sven Skouby

                  • Charles Sultan Endocrine and gynecological consequences of adolescent obesity
                  • Michelle Nisolle Laparoscopic surgery for adolescent müllerian anomalies
                  • George Creatsas How to reduce repeat abortions and repeat births in adolescents and young women
                  • Sophie Christin-Maitre What is known about pregnancies and Turner syndrome ?

                  Graz Oral Presentation 17:00–18:30
                  Fertility and ART (OP13) Fertility and Assisted Reproduction

                  • Fatemehsadat Hosseini In vitro culture of human immature oocytes: Can ATPase6 and BMP15 genes be considered as cytoplasmic maturation factors to evaluate the efficacy of in vitro culture?
                  • Gizem Ceren Ekici The effect of progesterone/estradiol and progesterone/follicle ratio on the day of hCG administration in predicting the pregnancy outcomes of patients undergoing GnRH antagonist IVF cycles
                  • Anna Marklund Efficacy of controlled ovarian stimulation for fertility preservation in women with breast cancer: Random-start vs conventional start in a prospective study
                  • Taylan Turan Serum Fetuin-A, lL1β Levels and Paraoxonase/Arylesterase Activities in Unexplained Infertility
                  • Ha Nguyen Changes in ovarian reserve after laparoscopic cystectomy of ovarian endometriomas – a prospective longitudinal study from hanoi obstetrics and gynecology hospital, vietnam
                  • Shruti Gupta The role of Hyaluronic acid enriched media in recurrent implantation failure for blastocyst – transfers.
                  • Olfat Ali Assessment of endometrial receptivity using Doppler ultrasonography in infertile women undergoing intrauterine insemination

                  Linz Oral Presentation 17:00–18:30
                  Menopause (OP14) Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and laser

                  • Shaikh Zinnat Ara Nasreen Unspoken sorrows of genito urionary syndrom of menopause (gsm)
                  • Elena Piskunova Expediency of genitourinary pathology correction simultaneously with abdominoplasty in a plastic surgery clinic
                  • Anna Mikchelson Three-component local therapy of genitourinary menopusal syndrome in women with surgical correction of prolapse genital
                  • Ivan Fistonić Outcome prediction model in Erbium YAG laser SMOOTH® treatment of stress urinary incontinence
                  • Zdenko Vizintin Safety of Energy Based Devices for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Stress Urinary Incontinence
                  • Ana Valadares What are the main factors that influence the effectiveness of treatment with vaginal laser Erbium Yag 2940 nm in postmenopausal women with a history of breast cancer?
                  • Elisabete Silva Experimental analysis of different types of surgical meshes for pelvic organ prolapse correction

                  Salzburg Oral Presentation 17:00–18:30
                  Pregnancy (OP15) High-risk Pregnancy

                  • Cristiano Salles Rodrigues Corioangioma as a differential diagnosis of fetal death – case report
                  • Géraldine Brichant Thyroid storm in a fetus. The second time avoided?
                  • Yafang Tang Pregnancy associated sleep disturbances worsen as pregnancy progresses – a prospective study
                  • Dat Do Value of Fetal Fibronectin and Interleukin-8 in Vaginal and Cervical Mucus to Predict Premature Birth
                  • Simin Taavoni Effect of Watching Nature Sights with Nature Sounds on Physiologic Labor Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial
                  • Yu Huang Clinical Analysis of Cesarean Scar Pregnancy:Report of 272 cases
                  • Linnea Baudhuin Pregnancy in Marfan Syndrome: Genotype and Phenotype in Relation to Maternal and Fetal Outcomes

                  18:30 Friday 18th

                  Room E1 ESG General Assembly 18:30–19:30
                  ESG General Assembly

                  Saturday 19th October 2019

                  08:30 Saturday 19th

                  Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
                  Fertility and ART (MTE04) Recent developments in ovarian stimulation for IVF

                  Chairperson/s: Ana Teresa Almeida Santos

                  • Basil Tarlatzis Ovarian stimulation for IVF in poor responders: what is the evidence
                  • Paolo G. Artini The oocytes of a poor responder patient: problems and possibilities

                  Room E1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
                  Emerging challenges in Gynecological Endocrinology (Organized by the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology ISGE

                  Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani , Blazej Meczekalski

                  • John Stevenson Cardiovascular safety of testosterone replacement
                  • Charles Sultan Fetal origin of pubertal disorders
                  • Martin Birkhaeuser What are Bioidentical Hormones ?

                  Graz Sponsored Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30

                    Linz Oral Presentation 08:30–09:30
                    Oncology (OP16) Gynecological oncology

                    • Yawen Zheng MicroRNA-206 suppresses the endometrial cancer cell proliferation and migration through downregulating the HDAC6 expression
                    • Catarina Bexiga Clinical outcomes and management of aggressive uterine sarcomas – 18 years of experience of a Portuguese Cancer Centre
                    • Sabina Pistolesi The relevance of a therapeutic workflow including BRCA1/2 somatic genetic testing for non-mucinous high grade ovarian cancer-affected women.
                    • Yu Deng Evaluation of PET/MRI and PET/CT in pelvic gynecological malignancies: A systematic review and meta-analysis

                    09:40 Saturday 19th

                    Room F2 Symposium 09:40–11:10
                    Fertility and ART (SYMP05) OOCYTE quality in PCO and Endometriosis: is there a problem?

                    Chairperson/s: Stefano Angioni , Inmaculada Moreno

                    • Basil Tarlatzis Polycystic ovary
                    • Feichtinger Michael Feichtinger Wilfried, Is there an influence of endometriotic cysts on oocyte quality?
                    • Paolo G. Artini Is the oocyte quality affected by endometriosis ?

                    Room E1 Symposium 09:40–11:10
                    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP17) Contraception

                    Chairperson/s: George Creatsas , David Serfaty

                    • Gabriele Merki Progestogen only contraception and depression
                    • David Serfaty Current and future vaginal contraceptives
                    • Christian Egarter LARC methods of contraception
                    • Ali Kubba Contraception in the peri-menopause

                    Graz Scientific Society Symposium 09:40–11:10
                    Fertility preservation in cancer patients and survivors Organized by the Société Européenne de Langue Française et Allemande de Gynécologie et Obstétrique(SELFAGO/EGGG)

                    Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

                    • Daniel Necula Fertility preservation in women with early ovarian cancer
                    • Laura Knabben Fertility in BRCA mutated patients
                    • Jean-Marc Ayoubi New challenges for fertility preservation in case of borderline ovarian cancer
                    • Johannes Bitzer Reproductive and sexual health in cancer patients and
                    • Walther Kuhn The oncological patient in obstetrics-therapeutical
                      procedure and perinatal outcome
                    • Christian Singer Pregnancy after cancer: promise and caveat after
                      cryo-conservation and ovarian re-implantation

                    Linz Oral Presentation 09:40–11:10
                    Pregnancy (OP17) Preeclampsia

                    • Maryam Kashanian Evaluation of the value of calcium to creatinine ratio for predicting of pre-eclampsia.
                    • sonali jain Association of Placental Growth Factor with Severity of Preeclampsia and Feto-Maternal Outcome
                    • Vladimir Kuzmin Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome – obstetric prognosis
                    • Sapiyat Ibragimova A new direction in the diagnosis of severity of early preeclampsia
                    • Dirdrah Aina Salvador Single Loading Dose Versus Standard 24-Hour Magnesium Sulfate in Women with Severe Preeclampsia and Eclampsia: A Systematic Review and Metaanalysis
                    • Sapiyat Ibragimova The role of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in late preeclampsia

                    11:10 Saturday 19th

                    Break in the Commercial Exhibition

                    11:30 Saturday 19th

                    Room F2 Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                    Pregnancy (KL07) Medicalization of pregnancy – Where are we heading?

                    Chairperson/s: Stefan Verlohren

                    • Yves Ville Medicalization of pregnancy – Where are we heading ?

                    Room E1 Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                    Oncology (KL06) Targeted therapies in gynecological oncology

                    Chairperson/s: Jean Michel Foidart

                    • Christian Singer Targeted therapies in gynecological oncology

                    Graz Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
                    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (KL03) Hormonophobia – a threat to women health

                    Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz

                    • Johannes Bitzer Hormonophobia – a threat to women health

                    12:10 Saturday 19th

                    Room F2 Symposium 12:10–13:40
                    (SYMP16) Endometriosis

                    Chairperson/s: Stefano Luisi , Angelos Daniilidis

                    • Michelle Nisolle What kind of surgical procedures for pelvic pain ?
                    • Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet What is the place of medical treatment
                    • Leila Adamyan Limits of surgical and alternative therapies according to the age and needs of patients
                    • Stefano Angioni What kind of approach for infertility ?

                    Room E1 Symposium 12:10–13:40
                    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP15) Metabolic disorders and Women Health

                    Chairperson/s: Christian Egarter , Basil Tarlatzis

                    • Alessandro Genazzani PCOS from adolescence to climacterium
                    • Andrzej Milewicz Obesity and reproduction
                    • Sven Skouby Menopause and metabolic disorders
                    • Blazej Meczekalski Metabolic profile of patients with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

                    Graz Oral Presentation 12:10–13:40
                    Oncology (OP18) Breast

                    • Irina Cepraga Optimal timing for risk reducing saplingo-oophorectomy in BRCA 1and 2 mutation carriers-a literature review
                    • Margherita Rossi Pre-neoplastic lesions in BRCA-mutated women
                    • Domagoj Krpina Cumulation of Risk Factors and the Incidence of Breast Cancer
                    • Marianne de Souza Brazilian Breast Cancer Early Detection Guideline (Diretrizes para a Detecção Precoce do Câncer de Mama no Brasil): application in Brazilian counties (Santa Barbara D’Oeste and Vinhedo)
                    • Noelia Bravo Alcobendas Changing concepts in the management of elderly women with breast cancer
                    • Marianne De Souza Potencial impact of the application of ACOSOG Z0011 randomized trial criteria on the omission of axillary lymph node dissection after positive sentinel lymph node

                    Linz Oral Presentation 12:10–13:40
                    Pregnancy (OP19) High-risk in Late pregnancy

                    • Irina Korbut Features of the immune response of pregnant women with polyhydramnios with the antibacterial therapy
                    • Bouchra Fakhir Conservative Management 18 Cases of Placenta Accreta in Marrakesh
                    • Mireia Rojas Torrijos Management of placenta accreta: serie of cases.
                    • Rehab Lotfy Multicenter randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of Amr’s maneuver (cervical traction) on the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage
                    • Sameena Wazir Primary Ceasrean section rate and commonest indications
                    • Paweł Stanirowski Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Dialkylcarbamoyl Chloride Impregnated Dressings for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections in Women Undergoing Cesarean Section.
                    • Md. Alauddin Loss of annexin a7 is associated with recurrent pregnancy loss
                    • Nigora Mavlyanova To the results of the detection of genotypes of xenobiotic enzyme polymorphism genes in pregnant women with fetal loss syndrome in Uzbekistan

                    13:40 Saturday 19th

                    Room F2 Closing Ceremony 13:40–14:00
                    Closing Ceremony

                    WED: 15:30–20:00
                    THU: 08:30–18:00
                    FRI: 08:30–18:30
                    SAT: 08:30–14:00

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