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Wednesday 16th October 2019

15:30 Wednesday 16th

Room F Sponsored Opening Symposium 15:30–17:00

    17:15 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Ceremony 17:15–18:00
    Opening Ceremony

    • The Congress Chairmen:
      Egarter Christian, Huber Johannes, Husslein Peter-Wolf, Koelbl Heinz, Singer Christian
    • The ESG Executive Board:
      Genazzani Andrea, Milewicz Andrzej, Serfaty David, Simoncini Tommaso
    • The Scientific Societies and Institutions :
      Kohlberger Petra (Austrian Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (OEGGG)

    18:00 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Lecture 18:00–18:30
    Menopause (OL01) Menopause: life style care and HRT for quality of life and health protection

    • Andrea Genazzani Menopause: life style care and HRT for quality of life and health protection

    18:30 Wednesday 16th

    Room F Opening Lecture 18:30–19:00
    (OL02) tbd

    • Sheryl Kingsberg tbd

    19:00 Wednesday 16th

    Poster Area Poster Session 19:00–21:00
    Poster Session

    Thursday 17th October 2019

    08:30 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
    Oncology (MTE02) Gynecological oncology: the ovarian cancer

    Chairperson/s: Liselotte Mettler

    • Pier Luigi Benedetti Panici Ultra-radical surgery in ovarian cancer: lights and shadows
    • Alexander Reinthaller Update of surgical treatment in recurrent ovarian cancer

    Room E1 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
    Urogynecology + Surgery (MTE03) Urogynecology- the future of prolapse surgery: is mini-invasive surgery a game changer?

    Chairperson/s: Heinz Koelbl

    • Tommaso Simoncini Why is robotic surgery attractive to perform sacrocolpopexy ?
    • Nikolaus Veit-Rubin Are there laparoscopic alternatives to sacrocolpopexy to treat advanced pelvic organ prolapse ?

    Room F1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Cosmetic Gynecology: new vistas in gynecological practice Organized by The Society of Cosmetic Gynecology (TSCG) and The Urogynecology & Pelvic Health Association of India (UPHAI)

    Chairperson/s: Navneet Magon , Ludomir Mikulasek

    • Navneet Magon Cosmetic Gynecology: why it took three decades before it became a structured sub-speciality of gynecology ?
    • Rashmi Chahar Khandelwal Energy based devices in Cosmetic Gynecology – current scenario
    • Kanika Singh Labiaplasty – current scenario
    • Lubomir Mikulasek Fillers in reconstructive & cosmetic gynecology

    GRATZ Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Scientific Society Symposium (Organized by the Polish Society of Gynecological Endocrinology)

    Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz , Blazej Meczekalski

    • Justyna Teliga-Czajkowska Planning procreation in patients with connective tissue diseases
    • Agnieszka Podfigurna Ovarian tumors causing hyperandrogenism
    • Krzysztod Czajkowski Pregnant women with diabetes in Poland
    • Blazej Meczekalski Should we take care about bones in women with premature ovarian insufficiency ?

    LINZ Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
    Symposium organized by the International Consortium for Male Contraception ICMC

    Chairperson/s: David Serfaty , Ronald Swerdloff

    • Christian Fiala Interest of the availability of male contraception for couples
    • Eberhard Nieschlag Hormonal male contraception: an overview
    • Christina Wang Nes-T gel study

    09:45 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Oncology (SYMP18) Management of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

    Chairperson/s: Judith Balmana , Christian Singer

    • Judith Balmana Genetic background and prevalence of BRCA1 and 2 mutations
    • Christian Singer Prophylactic surgery and early cancer detection in mutation carriers
    • Kerstin Rhiem Synthetic lethality and PARP Inhibitors in breast and ovarian cancer
    • Nicoletta Biglia Tailored surgery for breast cancer in BRCA carriers

    Room E1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP14) Endocrine disruptors & Women Health

    Chairperson/s: Alessandro Genazzani , Johannes Huber

    • Charles Sultan The fetus , a target for endocrine disruptors
    • Andrzej Milewicz Bisphenol A and PCOS
    • Phillipe Bouchard Endocrine disruptors and cancer

    Room F1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Sexuality (SYMP09) Transgender

    Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer , Ulysse Gaspard

    • Stefan Riedl Management of transgender adolescents
    • Juergen Schaff Modern concept of genital surgery in transgender treatment MtF and FtM
    • Michael Van Trotsenburg Gender incongruence and fertility options

    GRATZ Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
    Symposium organized by Sociedad Argentina de Endocrinología Ginecológica y Reproductiva SAEGRE

    Chairperson/s: Manuel Noelting

    • Sandra Demayo Mood disorders in PCOS: “An overlooked issue”
    • Adriana Monastero Breast cancer and stress what comes first… “The egg or the chicken”
    • Karina Tozzi Endocrine disrupting chemicals and reproductive disorders “The enemy is among us”

    11:15 Thursday 17th

    Break in the Commercial Exhibition

    11:45 Thursday 17th

    Room F2 Sponsored Symposium 11:45–13:15

      Room E1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Pregnancy (SYMP08) Preeclampsia screening and management

      Chairperson/s: Dan Farine , Martin Langer

      • Stefan Verlohren The use of biomarkers to better predict and diagnose preeclampsia
      • Pavel Calda Preeclampsia screening and management two years after the ASPRE study
      • Harald Zeisler sFlt-1/PlGF-ratio: a milestone in the management of preeclampsia
      • Enrico Ferrazzi Maternal hemodinamcs in hipertensive disordes of pregnancy

      Room F1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Urogynecology + Surgery (SYMP21) Advances in laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery

      Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Michelle Nisolle

      • Stefano Angioni What are the real indications of single port laparoscopy today?
      • Horace Roman Endometriosis surgery and preservation of fertility, what surgeons should know
      • Angelos Daniilidis The role of tubal surgery in the era of ART
      • Liselotte Mettler Clinical anatomy for hysterectomies

      GRATZ Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Oncology (SYMP01) Fertility preservation in cancer patients

      Chairperson/s: Pedro Barri , Joseph Schenker

      • Claus Y. Andersen Outlook for ovarian tissue freezing in a gynaecological context
      • Ana Teresa Almeida Santos Bridging the gap between oncologists and reproductive endocrinologists
      • Marie-Madeleine Dolmans From ovarian tissue reimplantation to the artificial ovary
      • Chiara Benedetto Mothers beyond cancer: a model to be shared

      15:15 Thursday 17th

      Break in the Commercial Exhibition

      15:45 Thursday 17th

      Room F2 Symposium 15:45–17:15
      Oncology (SYMP20) Vaccine for cervical cancer prevention

      Chairperson/s: Chiara Benedetto , Gary Ventolini

      • Elmar Joura The nonavalent HPV vaccine: a scientific achievement and a protection for future generations
      • Jean Gondry Cervical dysplasia and low and high degree lesions in the vaccine’s era
      • Franco Borruto Shadows and lights of anti HPV vaccination
      • David Vasquez Awad HPV vaccine and misinformation: Colombian experience

      Room E1 Symposium 15:45–17:15
      Pregnancy (SYMP10) Abnormally Invasive Placenta (AIP)

      Chairperson/s: Frederic Chantraine , Enrico Ferrazzi

      • Braun Thorsten Epidemiology and pathophysiology of AIP
      • Frederic Chantraine US and MRI diagnostics
      • Olivier Morel Conservative management in AIP
      • Martin Langer Operative treatment in Abnormally Invasive Placenta

      17:30 Thursday 17th

      Room F2 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
      Oncology (KL02) Screening for gynecological malignancies

      Chairperson/s: Jean Gondry

      • Joseph Schenker Screening for gynecological malignancies

      Room E1 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
      Pregnancy (KL01) The obese pregnancy patient – an overview and management of labour

      Chairperson/s: Pavel Calda

      • Dan Farine The obese pregnancy patient – an overview and management of labour

      Room F1 Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
      Urogynecology + Surgery (KL04) Surgical theraphy of urinary incontinence and prolapse

      Chairperson/s: Tommaso Simoncini

      • Heinz Koelbl Surgical theraphy of urinary incontinence and prolapse

      GRATZ Key Lecture 17:30–18:00
      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (KL05) Estetrol, the first NEST with unique activity profile: new opportunities in Women’s Healthcare

      Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

      • J Michel Foidart ESTETROL , the first NEST with unique activity profile : new opportunities in Women’s healthcare

      Friday 18th October 2019

      08:30 Friday 18th

      Room F2 Meet the Expert 08:30–09:30
      Fertility and ART (MTE06) Why women waits so long and how to face ?

      Chairperson/s: Carlos Dosouto

      • Joelle Belaisch Allart Why do they wait ?
      • Antonio Pellicer Is preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) the solution ?

      Room E1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
      Androgens: getting the balance right in women (Organized by the International Menopause Society (IMS)

      Chairperson/s: Nick Panay , Rossella Nappi

      • Rosella Nappi Androgen deficiency in female sexual disorders
      • Xiangyan Ruan Androgen excess in PCOS: management options
      • Tommaso Simoncini Cardio-metabolic impact of androgens
      • Nick Panay International consensus on androgen therapy: a summary

      Room F1 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
      Fertility and ART (MTE01) Female reproductive organs microbiomas

      Chairperson/s: Wolfgang Holzgreve

      • Gary Ventolini Recent findings in vaginal microbioma and their clinical implications
      • Inmaculada Moreno Upper genital tract microbiome in reproduction, does it matter ?

      GRATZ Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
      Challenges in Fertility Preservation (Organized by the International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR)

      Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Joseph Schenker

      • Pedro Barri Elective fertility preservation
      • George Creatsas Creatsas vaginoplasty. Fertility preservation
      • Liselotte Mettler Critical points in fertility preserving surgery

      09:45 Friday 18th

      Room F2 Symposium 09:45–11:15
      Menopause; Pregnancy (SYMP07) Stem cells in reproductive medicine

      Chairperson/s: Philippe Bouchard , Michael Feichtinger

      • Wolfgang Holzgreve Fetal stem cells in the maternal system. Clinical use and significance
      • Antonio Pellicer Ovarian rejuvenation: awakening follicles in POI patients
      • Johannes Huber Prevention of ageing ovaries. Menopause reversal as a viable option

      Room E1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
      Menopause (SYMP12) Menopause: individualized therapies for specific goals

      Chairperson/s: John Stevenson , David Vasquez Awad

      • Nick Panay Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
      • Alfred Mueck Main criteria for the choice of progestogens in HRT
      • Mark Brincat Menopause, ERT and connective tissue changes
      • Martin Birkhaeuser Tibolone – still an option?

      Room F1 Symposium 09:45–11:15
      Sexuality; Fertility and ART (SYMP06) Sexual and reproductive health care – a forgotten part of obstetrics and gynecology

      Chairperson/s: Sophie Christin-Maitre , Ali Kubba

      • Johannes Bitzer The quality of SRH care across Europe and beyond
      • Gabriele Merki What can European societies contribute
      • Rossella Nappi How to prevent sexual dysfunction across reproductive life span
      • Stefano Luisi Endometriosis and dyspareunia: interaction between medical and surgical therapies

      GRATZ Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
      Progestogen only pill and it’s therapeutic indications and effects Organized by the European Progestogen Club (EPC)

      Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

      • Christian Egarter Progestongens-only-pill: which progestogen would be ideal
      • Wolfgang Kuepker Progestin-the golden bullet in the treatment of endometriosis
      • Michael Oettel A progestin isn’t a progestin: Dienogest for endometriosis patients
      • Konstantinos Nirgianakis Anti-inflammatory effects of Dienogest
      • Howard Carp Progestogens- only pill in luteal support
      • Pedro-Antonio Regidor Drosperinone-only pill: the new approach in contraception

      11:15 Friday 18th

      Break in the Commercial Exhibition

      11:45 Friday 18th

      Room F2 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Fertility and ART (SYMP04) Early reproductive aging: the role of genetic and epigenetic factors

      Chairperson/s: Wilfried Feichtinger , Antonio Pellicer

      • Felix Day The role of GWAS
      • Sven Skouby Translational medicine in reproductive aging
      • Michael Feichtinger Genetic variants in women with premature ovarian failure and poor ovarian response – a step towards preventive medicine ?

      Room E1 Symposium 11:45–13:15
      Menopause (SYMP11) Menopause in the context of healthy female aging

      Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat , Xiangyan Ruan

      • Ewald Boschitsch The role of MHT in fracture prevention
      • John Stevenson Cardiovascular prevention
      • Andrea Genazzani The brain: a menopause vulnerable organ
      • Rossella Nappi Sex and quality of life

      15:15 Friday 18th

      Break in the Commercial Exhibition

      15:45 Friday 18th

      Room F2 Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
      (MTE05) Advancement in breast cancer early detection

      Chairperson/s: Christian Jackisch

      • Stefanos Zervoudis Ductoscopy and duct sampling in diagnosis of duct diseases( papilloma and breast cancer)
      • Xiangyan Ruan Membrane bound hormone receptor mediating progestogen dependent breast cancer development

      Room E1 Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
      Fertility and ART (MTE07) Deferred embryo transfer

      Chairperson/s: Joelle Belaisch-Allart

      • Carlos Dosouto Freeze all for all
      • Pedro N. Barri Uterine preparation for delayed embryo transfer

      17:00 Friday 18th

      Room F2 Symposium 17:00–18:30
      Oncology (SYMP19) Endocrine therapies in breast cancer – an update

      Chairperson/s: Olivia Pagani , Stefanos Zervoudis

      • Florentia Peintinger Optimal duration of endocrine therapy in breast cancer
      • Alfred Mueck Membrane-bound Hormone Receptors for prediction of breast cancer risk
      • Olivia Pagani Endocrine therapy in the premenopausal breast cancer
      • Christian Jackisch Overcoming resistance in endocrine-responsive advanced breast cancer

      Room E1 Symposium 17:00–18:30
      Urogynecology + Surgery; Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP13) Supplements -facts & myths

      Chairperson/s: Martin Birkhaeuser , Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet

      • Andrea Genazzani DHEA
      • Mark Brincat Vitamine D
      • Alessandro Genazzani Inositol
      • Christian Egarter Isoflavones

      Room F1 Symposium 17:00–18:30
      Urogynecology + Surgery; Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology; Pregnancy (SYMP22) Adolescent gynecology

      Chairperson/s: Gabriele Merki , Sven Skouby

      • Charles Sultan Endocrine and gynecological consequences of adolescent obesity
      • Michelle Nisolle Laparoscopic surgery for adolescent müllerian anomalies
      • George Creatsas How to reduce repeat abortions and repeat births in adolescents and young women?
      • Sophie Christin-Maitre What is known about pregnancies and Turner syndrome ?

      18:30 Friday 18th

      Room F1 ESG General Assembly 18:30–19:30
      ESG General Assembly

      Saturday 19th October 2019

      08:30 Saturday 19th

      Room F2 Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
      Fertility and ART (MTE04) Recent developments in ovarian stimulation for IVF

      Chairperson/s: Ana Teresa Almeida Santos

      • Basil Tarlatzis Ovarian stimulation for IVF in poor responders: what is the evidence
      • Paolo G. Artini The oocytes of a poor responder patient: problems and possibilities

      Room E1 Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
      Emerging challenges in Gynecological Endocrinology (Organized by the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology ISGE

      Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani , Blazej Meczekalski

      09:40 Saturday 19th

      Room F2 Symposium 09:40–11:10
      Fertility and ART (SYMP05) OOCYTE quality in PCO and Endometriosis: is there a problem?

      Chairperson/s: Stefano Angioni , Inmaculada Moreno

      • Basil Tarlatzis Polycystic ovary
      • Paolo G. Artini Is the oocyte quality affected by endometriosis ?
      • Wilfried Feichtinger Is there an influence of endometriotic cysts on oocyte quality?

      Room E1 Symposium 09:40–11:10
      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP17) Contraception

      Chairperson/s: George Creatsas , David Serfaty

      • Gabriele Merki Progestogen only contraception and depression
      • David Serfaty Current and future vaginal contraceptives
      • Christian Egarter LARC methods of contraception
      • Ali Kubba Contraception in the peri-menopause

      GRATZ Scientific Society Symposium 09:40–11:10
      Fertility preservation in cancer patients and survivors Organized by the Société Européenne de Langue Française et Allemande de Gynécologie et Obstétrique(SELFAGO/EGGG)

      Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

      • Jerome Mathis Fertility preservation in women with early ovarian cancer
      • Laura Knabben Fertility in BRCA mutated patients
      • Jean-Marc Ayoubi New challenges for fertility preservation in case of borderline ovarian cancer
      • Johannes Bitzer Reproductive and sexual health in cancer patients and
      • Walther Kuhn The oncological patient in obstetrics-therapeutical
        procedure and perinatal outcome
      • Christian Singer Pregnancy after cancer: promise and caveat after
        cryo-conservation and ovarian re-implantation

      11:10 Saturday 19th

      Break in the Commercial Exhibition

      11:30 Saturday 19th

      Room F2 Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
      Pregnancy (KL07) Medicalization of pregnancy – Where are we heading?

      Chairperson/s: Stefan Verlohren

      • Yves Ville Medicalization of pregnancy – Where are we heading ?

      Room E1 Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
      Oncology (KL06) Targeted therapies in gynecological oncology

      Chairperson/s: Nicoletta Biglia

      • Christian Singer Targeted therapies in gynecological oncology

      GRATZ Key Lecture 11:30–12:00
      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (KL03) Hormonophobia – a threat to women health

      Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz

      • Johannes Bitzer Hormonophobia – a threat to women health

      12:10 Saturday 19th

      Room F2 Symposium 12:10–13:40
      (SYMP16) Endometriosis

      Chairperson/s: Stefano Luisi , Angelos Daniilidis

      • Michelle Nisolle What kind of surgical procedures for pelvic pain ?
      • Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet What is the place of medical treatment
      • Leila Adamyan Limits of surgical and alternative therapies according to the age and needs of patients
      • Stefano Angioni What kind of approach for infertility ?

      Room E1 Symposium 12:10–13:40
      Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology (SYMP15) Metabolic disorders and Women Health

      Chairperson/s: Christian Egarter , Basil Tarlatzis

      • Alessandro Genazzani PCOS from adolescence to climacterium
      • Andrzej Milewicz Obesity and reproduction
      • Sven Skouby Menopause and metabolic disorders
      • Blazej Meczekalski Metabolic profile of patients with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

      13:40 Saturday 19th

      Room F2 Closing Ceremony 13:40–14:00
      Closing Ceremony

      WED: 15:30–20:00
      THU: 08:30–18:00
      FRI: 08:30–18:30
      SAT: 08:30–14:00

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